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Viral Campaign for a Constitutional Convention Releases Handbook to Alert State Officials

Recently the Viral Campaign for a Constitutional Convention group, sub group of Occupy Wall Street, completed the Handbook designed to educate the State officials of the power they have to influence the Constitutional amendment process by pushing the Congress to grant the states an Article V Convention to deal with the effects of the Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling.

Viral Campaign for a Constitutional Convention, 1/22/2012: MISSION STATEMENT

Whereas recent court decisions and federal laws enable corporate and special interests to drown out the voices of United States citizens;

Whereas elected representatives are dependent on corporate and special interests to fund political campaigns;

Whereas two entrenched political parties have rigged the electoral system to insulate themselves against challenge from other parties;

Whereas our voting rights are under attack;

Whereas Congress is unlikely to propose amendments to reverse these trends fatal to self- government by the people;

We resolve to work with all like-minded individuals and organizations, setting aside those debates which traditionally divide us and undermine our strength in numbers, to unite the voices of the 99% in calling for the Article V Convention so that such amendments may be proposed, debated, and ratified to secure and strengthen democracy for the people of this nation.

New Handbook for State Officials

The Viral Campaign for a Constitutional Convention group encourages the circulation to any State legislator or candidate for State legislature to examine.  We need the help of the States to stand up to the corruption of the political system.  This is the power of the States to use or lose.   Please take the time to read over this handbook and pass it along to your local legislator.

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Daniel Marks

Daniel Marks