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Princeton Still Enabling NOM’s Anti-Gay Lies, Hate, And Terror

Princeton University Professor Robert George — founder and Chairman Emeritus of the so-called “National Organization for Marriage” (NOM) — is in my opinion a malevolent, psychopathic political gay-basher incapable of feeling empathy for his victims.

The harm he has inflicted on innocent gay human beings is vast and incalculable. He commands the power to do all the harm he does, in no small measure through exploitation of his associations with the historically empowering Princeton University corporate brand name. The many anti-gay hate groups with which he is associated in turn draw no small amount of their power through George’s Princeton University associations. Chief Dull Knife College in Lame Deer, Montana, doubtless provides worthwhile educations to its students, yet if Professor George were teaching there instead of at Princeton, he would never have been able to rise to such prominence and influence as an academic gay basher and political gay basher, nor would all the anti-gay hate groups with which he so zealously associates himself be as eager to have him, or be able to gain all the power they do through all of their totally endless gay-bashing collaborations with him.

The better you understand that George’s power to gay-bash politically is rooted in his associations with the prestigious Princeton University corporate name, and that George’s presence brings a lot of gay-bashing political money into the vicinity of Princeton University, the better you understand how cowardly, selfish and despicable Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman ( is for never publicly condemning George for his gay-bashing bigotry.

The heart of my criticism of Princeton President Tilghman and others on the Princeton Board of Trustees is that they would not allow a Princeton Professor to voice open hostilities against any other minority and to work against another minority’s human and civil rights unremarked, but Professor George gets a free pass on voicing open hostilities against gay human beings and working against their human and civil rights. They absolutely are complicit in his gay bashing. Their inaction in the face of his vile bigotry is a tacit confession that they consider LGBTers inferior to all other human beings and not deserving of the same respect and protections.

Princeton Professor Robert George does not even appear especially to deign to acknowledge that gay human beings exist. In his loathsome, prejudice-based, anti-scientific propaganda, a gay is a wayward heterosexual who committed the crime of homosexuality, or something.

George thinks that gay people are to heterosexuals what thieves are to honest people; he believes that if homosexuals dare to be intimate with each other, they should be arrested, fined and jailed. Here is Princeton Professor Robert George’s legal brief telling the Supreme Court of the United States that gay people should be thrown in jail for their intimacy. Notice that George’s legal brief refers to “same-sex deviate acts” and that it is proudly posted on the website of the Family Research Council, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated anti-gay hate group, of which Professor George is a Board member. When the Supreme Court was considering that case, protesters on George’s side held signs in public — “God Hates Fags” — and — “AIDS is God’s Revenge.”  The same way that anti-black bigots think of all black people as being dirty, inferior, and only worthy of scorn, George thinks of all gays as being dirty, inferior, and worthy only of scorn. Through his disgraceful junk scholarship, he incites others to think that all gays are dirty and inferior, don’t deserve rights and should be arrested, fined and jailed for their intimacy. He is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of an anti-gay group whose speakers and followers say that homosexuals are “worthy to death.” His same organization promotes — and fund-raises off of — public school teachers who say that the only good gay is a dead gay.

In publishing his anti-gay hate speech and lies in scholarly journals, Professor George violates Princeton’s Code of HonorAt this link, examples of George’s gay-bashing scholarly fraudulence. The counter-factual anti-gay propaganda that Professor George publishes, and encourages politically, is as ugly, outrageous and dishonorable against gays as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, combined with anti-Jewish politicking, is against Jews. A Princeton professor of lesser national political influence, who brought less money towards the vicinity of the school, but was violating academic standards to the same degree, in all likelihood would not survive in the profession. George believes that because he is heterosexual, he is superior to all gay human beings, and that he is by God and nature endowed with an absolute authority to cast perpetual negative judgments against them, to tell lies against them, and to legislate against them. George runs with a crowd that gets their sadistic bullying jollies by telling known gay people to pray to Jesus to be magic-poofed into heterosexuals;  NOM’s Thomas Peters, whose function in George’s group is to propagandize to younger people against gays and their basic rights, is particularly keen on “praying away the gay.”

At this link is a report from “Catholic America; America’s Largest Catholic Newspaper;” on a panel led by Professor George with two of his student acolyte gay-bashers. Riffing off of their fraudulent gay-bashing Princeton University “scholarship,” they alleged to the audience that if same sex marriage is legalized, our democratic Republic will not survive. Not one shred of evidence was presented to back up that claim. It is an appeal purely to ghastly, vindictive anti-minority prejudice. Neither the Netherlands nor Canada nor any other country with marriage equality has declined as a result of marriage equality. Nonetheless, the reporter said that George’s dire warning about the mortal perils of gay rights gave him something to think about, and he went on to parrot the idea that “for our nation’s future,” gay rights must not be permitted. There, George and his Princeton grad student in gay-bashing used a standard, nasty, hateful tactic in anti-minority scare propaganda. You start by despising a minority already irrationally hated by many, then you dig in your heels by refusing to acknowledge that the minority is human, and often remind your followers that the minority is sub-human, and then you call the hated sub-human minority an enemy of the country.

Here, George and a Princeton grad student gay-bashed to a court of law. Here, calls George’s hate-fueled, lies-filled “What is Marriage?” “the argument against same-sex marriage.” On this page, the Minnesota Catholic Conference cites and links to various of George’s gay-bashing, lies-filled writings with the Princeton name on them. Here, you can see that George is on the Advisory Board of the Blackstone Legal Fellowship; An Alliance Defense Fund Ministry, which aims to instruct “Christian” lawyers to beat down on gay-rights. Here, you can read about how George refused to have his American Principles Project participate in a Republican gathering because the gathering included gay human beings. Princeton Professor Robert George does not have the production of scholarly writings as his main activity.  To the contrary, his gay-bashing “scholarship” exists to fuel his career of political gay bashing. His gay-bashing articles do not serve the normal scholarly article’s purpose of adding to human knowledge. They are anti-minority hate speech — dressed up in this politely venomous hack’s academic language — with the Princeton University brand name on them. Shirley M. Tilghman’s legacy as President of Princeton University will forever be profoundly putrified by her having helped to enable Professor George’s anti-gay hate speech and politicking.

Further to Professor George’s acting out of bigotry — rather than scholarship and science; when it comes to homosexuality, he often puts the term “sexual orientation” in scare quotes, while communicating the idea that he thinks homosexuality must not be discussed in terms of orientation, but rather in penal code terms as a crime. Here, you can see where he and a bunch of his fellow smugly narrow-minded theocrats signed a document with the term sexual orientation in scare quotes.  Professor George has no health science credential that would allow him properly to evaluate the classification of sexual orientation. Yet, he has not hesitated very aggressively to act on his anti-science-based, gay-bashing bigotry. Though he is a Princeton University professor, when George finds that science does not fit his bigotry, he rejects science and moves ahead with his bigotry. When a consortium of actual health science professionals collaborated on the booklet Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth, Princeton Professor George condemned the booklet, in a religious publication no less, The National Catholic Register.

George has never made the least effort to comprehend, acknowledge, or empathetically to care about the conditions that allow gay human beings to lead fulfilling lives; he does not consider that gay people deserve to live fulfilling lives. In arguing against marriage equality, he opines that non-married couples should make up an infinite number of separate legal contracts with each other to approximate some of the legal privileges accorded to married heterosexuals. Furthermore, George believes that gay intimacy should be illegal. To reiterate; George’s vision for non-heterosexual couples appears to be that they might, or might not be allowed to approximate equality through a complex of legal contracts with each other, but, however they should happen to fare with all of that, they should be thrown in jail for being intimate. George’s opinion is that as a function of “defending marriage,” gay people should  be thrown in jail for making love with each other. At this link, you can read where he persuaded somebody into believing that hateful thing. Princeton President Shirley Tilghman and the others on the Princeton Board of Trustees are apparently unbothered by a professor venting this kind of anti-minority hostility in public. It’s just his free speech, right?  It doesn’t at all matter that gay students know that Professor George feels and acts on this level of hostility against them, right? Why should a university care if some of its minority students know that one of its professors is hostile to them? Just because Professor George thinks of gay students as disgusting sub-humans who do not deserve rights doesn’t mean he couldn’t grade their papers and class performance impartially, right? It’s only a coincidence that the Princeton students whose careers George is most vigorously promoting are themselves gay bashers and that he helps them to promote their own gay bashing. Just a coincidence, right? Why shouldn’t a professor be able to voice open hostilities against a minority and encourage other students to voice those same anti-minority hostilities? Who cares?  Go ahead!  In the interest of diversity, give free reign to other Princeton Professors to voice hostilities against blacks, Latinos, Jews and Asians. What’s that you say?  You couldn’t possibly do that?  And why couldn’t you possibly do that?  Because you still think that as minorities, LGBTers are inferior to all other human beings and don’t deserve the same respect or protections.

And heck; Professor George would be the first one to tell you that if you even criticized him for gay-bashing, you would be taking away his religious freedom to gay bash! Professor Jeffrey Shallit perfectly satirized Professor George’s thinking when he made a post “I’m Only a Bigot Because Philosophy Demands It!” This certainly is an area where we can verify that George is a malevolent, psychopathic gay-bashing bully incapable of feeling empathy for his victims. To say as George does that gay human beings should be jailed for their intimacy is a malicious, spiteful taunt that could only be made by an anti-gay bigot. You actually can not tell how George would have gay people live their lives; he thinks that homosexuality is “beneath the dignity of human beings as free and rational creatures.”  In the hetero-fascist mind of Princeton Professor Robert George, rational people can only truly be free if they jail homosexuals for the crime of homosexual intimacy. It isn’t that Professor George is bigoted for teaching that gays are sub-human and should be jailed; it’s that others are irrational for being accepting of gay people. Not to put too fine a point on it, how does this malignant heterosupremacist monster not deserve to be told F.U.!?  This is how a 21st century Princeton University professor talks about gay human beings?  And his boss at the Princeton corporation refuses publicly to repudiate his fatuously arrogant, lying, sneering bigotry? In this context, let us not neglect to recall the time George had his professional gay-bashing associate Thomas Peters attend a conference hosted by a notorious anti-Semite. Oops! Thomas Peters’ father Edward Peters is a Professor of Theology in Detroit and a Senior Adviser to the Vatican who called for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to be punished by the Catholic Church for facilitating marriage equality, to serve as a warning to all other Catholic U.S. politicians not to advance civil rights for gay human beings. Edward Peters often endorses Professor George’s writings, on his Twitter feed and elsewhere. And another George “Oops!” As a Bradley Foundation Board member, he has approved funding for Frank Gaffney, a lunatic birther who accuses President Obama of using coded language to convey the idea that America will submit to Sharia. Here is a video of Gaffney saying that repealing DADT is reckless and highly destructive. In this article, Gaffney wrote of “avowed homosexuals” being “imposed” on the military. Of course, the Bradley Foundation donates to Professor George’s NOM.

That George gets away with publishing what documentably are anti-gay lies and hate speech emboldens those in all of the hate groups associated with him to propagandize in a similarly perfidious, mendacious fashion against gay people. On March 3, 2012, the NOM blog posted Trayce Hansen’s essay “Love Isn’t Enough; 5 Reasons Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Harm Children.” Previously, when the NOM blog bashed gay parents, and the NOMzis faced criticism for it, the disreputable Maggie Gallagher crawled out of her bigot bunker to allege that when NOM posts to its blog, readers should not assume that NOM endorses the views of the material posted. She said “If you want to know what NOM’s message is, there are abundant videos and press stories (including our own press releases) with me, or Brian Brown, or other NOM personnel actually speaking. Fair enough to criticize us for what we actually believe and say.” In a characteristically shameless, lying paroxysm of deceitful hypocrisy, (contradicted by direct evidence from all over the internet and beyond), Gallagher went on to say “I would like to say personally that nothing in any argument I’ve ever made on gay marriage, rests on the idea that same-sex couples harm their own children at any higher rates than any other family form. (If there is (sic) data that shows this, I’ve never seen it.)”

The case now is, that Trayce Hansen is given out to be a NOM “expert,” listed among the Board Members of NOM’s Ruth Institute. Gallagher refused to answer this reporter’s requests for clarification about NOM’smessage” on gay parenting outcomes. This is quintessential Gallagher; lying through her teeth while talking out both sides of her gay-bashing bigot mouth. Among the things that truly matter to her are inspiring her fellow gay-bashing bigots to profounder levels of contempt for the rights of gay people, and getting those bigots to send her money to further fund her political gay bashing. Understanding of and empathy for gay people do not interest Gallagher. Honesty in her utterances does not interest her. She is a greedy, lying, sadistic gay-bashing bigot. At this link, an announcement of a joint appearance of Gallagher and George to gay bash to an audience of Evangelicals, with George’s Princeton affiliation noted in the announcement. Here, Gallagher and George are listed right next to each other, as Board members of yet another gay-bashing organization, which coincidentally also is on an anti-masturbation crusade.

NOM’s Hansen alleges that she is Dr. Hansen, with a Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego. The school will only verify degrees if the degree holder grants consent; NOM’s Hansen ignored my request for her to sign a consent form. Meanwhile, little if anything on that institution’s website suggests that anybody there teaches anti-gay hostility. To the contrary, the school appears dedicated to enlightenment and inclusion. Its Rockway Institute “advances the use of scientific and professional expertise to counter anti-gay prejudice and inform public policies affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.” To read about how NOM’s Hansen presumed to be an anti-gay expert witness in a court of law, but upon cross examination admitted that she had no qualifications to act as an expert witness, go hereHer website continues to state that she serves as an expert witness in the courts; she ignored a request to inform of her four most recent cases, and how the courts viewed her expert testimony. Remember; the lying anti-gay propagandist Princeton Professor Robert George is Chairman Emeritus of the lying anti-gay propagandist  Trayce Hansen’s organization.

I asked a professor in the Princeton University Department of Psychology to furnish their opinion of NOM’s Hansen’s essay qua scholarship. “It looks pretty egregious” was the response I received. NOM’s Hansen has kicked around several different versions of her essay published on the NOM blog, all of which make the same unsubstantiated gay-bashing points. This version of it on NOM’s Hansen’s own website alleges that gay people should not be permitted to get married because the children they raise will be delinquents who have to be incarcerated. Her citation for this dismayingly fraudulent anti-gay defamation is a 2008 study titled “Father’s involvement and children’s developmental outcomes; A systematic review of longitudinal studies.”

Sven Bremberg, MD, PhD is one of the study’s authors. He is 1) an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and 2) a Senior Consultant in Child and Adolescent Public Health for the Swedish National Institute of Public Health. Asked via e-mail if his study shows what NOM’s Hansen claims it shows, Dr. Bremberg said “No.” Asked whether he at all intended for his work to be used to politic against gay people’s rights, Dr. Bremberg said “No. Our paper demonstrates that children benefit from two parent cf. one parent. The literature is dominated by studies of a male father person (M) + a female mother person (F) . Yet there is no proof to my knowledge that M+F is better than M+M or F+F.”

Anna Sarkadi, M.D., Ph.D., docent, is another of the study’s authors. Dr. Sarkadi is a Research Physician in the Department of Women, Pediatrics at Uppsala University in Sweden. She says that the paper does not show what NOM’s Hansen alleges it shows. Asked whether she intended for her research to be used towards depriving gay people of their rights, she says “Of course not.” She continues: “The paper seems to be abused in all sorts of ways. There are longitudinal studies in the U.S. showing that children in gay and lesbian families fare as well or better than children with heterosexual parents, the only difference being harassment against them from other children because of their parents’ homosexual orientation. Good luck, and don’t let people abuse their authority to hurt groups or individuals!”

That, plainly, alas, is precisely what Professor George and Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman are doing. They are abusing their authority, to hurt groups and individuals. At the 1:45 point of this video, Tilghman says that if you are going to defend the academic freedom of people you agree with, you have to defend the academic freedom of those with whom you disagree. Isn’t that special? The President of Princeton University is duplicitously evading accountability for upholding Princeton’s academic standards, by framing this as a matter of academic freedom, when a university president worthy of the responsibilities of the position would instead be framing it as a matter of academic standards and academic integrity. Again for reference, at this link, examples of George’s gay-bashing scholarly fraudulence. A scholarly article is not an op-ed piece, and hate speech lies and propaganda are not scholarship. The Princeton University Code of Honor even states explicitly that “Academic freedom can flourish only in a community of scholars which recognizes that intellectual integrity, with its accompanying rights and responsibilities, lies at the heart of its mission. Observing basic honesty in one’s work, words, ideas, and actions is a principle to which all members of the community are required to subscribe.” (Bolding mine). There is no exception in the Princeton Code of Honor for politically and financially powerful gay-bashing bigots. From Tilghman’s public statements in defense of Professor George, you could think she had never read and understood her own university’s Code of Honor.

Significantly, Professor George’s top friends and associates in the gay-bashing industry also have no respect for academic honor. Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly alleged that a consensus of anthropologists agree that only heterosexual couplings have ever been considered valid as marriages, *after* the American Anthropology Association resoundingly rebuked Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton — with numerous historical anthropological examples —  for saying that same false thing. Anything and everything that does not serve Princeton Professor Robert George & Co. Inc.’s main purpose of hard-line, fanatical, demonizing non-acceptance of gay human beings, Princeton Professor Robert George & Co. Inc. reject.

“Academic Freedom” does not even remotely mean that a professor may publish a dubious thing, alleging it as documented fact, without rigorous scholarly documentation of the thing alleged to be factual. Professor George’s anti-gay lies published with the Princeton University name attached to them violate Princeton’s Code of Honor. That is to say, Princeton President Shirley Tilghman is not upholding her university’s Code of Honorin not upholding it, Tilghman is empowering a kingpin gay-bashing bigot who incites nationally and beyond to discrimination and violence against gay people. Tilghman’s field is Molecular Biology; one assumes that if errors in fact in papers in that field, equivalent to the errors in fact in much of Professor George’s anti-gay hate were presented to Tilghman for evaluation, she would detect those counterfactual errors. In the video, Tilghman goes on to say that George is free to engage in any kind of political activity. One wonders, were George as active in a neo-Nazi party as he is in political gay-bashing, would Tilghman shrug her shoulders this way? Does she think George’s ruthless, dishonorable, lying attacks against gays, coming from a place of supercilious, disdainful hatred and prejudice, are permissible, where equal offenses against most other minorities would not be?

To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Shylock: Hath not a gay eyes?

We know that the pressure on Tilghman would be different, were George a neo-Nazi kingpin, instead of a kingpin of political gay bashing. By implication, Tilghman is saying that she sees an element of acceptability in putting anti-gay lies in purportedly scholarly articles, and in political gay bashing, that she would not likely see in neo-Nazism pursued with the same zealous political aggression by one of her institution’s professors. Gay bashing, and the results of gay bashing, are not, in her mind, bad enough for her to have to take a stand against them. She agrees with George, that the validity and worth of homosexuals as human beings is up for debate, and that it is intellectually honorable to debate whether homosexuals have any validity or worth at all, and to take the position that they do not. That, for Tilghman, does not cross a line. In the video, she additionally says words to the effect that so long as money from George’s political activities is separate from the university’s monies, there is no problem. In that, Tilghman is perhaps, in my opinion, being highly disingenuous. The interviewer should have been more knowledgeable, insightful and persistent, though Tilghman would have hated that. Among George’s ambitious projects at or near Princeton are The Witherspoon Institute and the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. The relationships between George’s projects and Princeton University are porous and symbiotic. Financially, the University does things that empower George’s local independent academic and political projects, and George’s local academic and political projects do things that empower the University. To deny — as Tilghman in the video appears to want to do — that George’s many local independent academic and political projects — and her university — share and enjoy circumstances that often are financially beneficial to all parties is, maybe, a summit of lying, duplicitous, obfuscatory hypocrisy. To put it another way; where is the thoroughgoing, independent, impartial investigation of this question? And, is it not interesting that at the 2:00 point in the video, Tilghman states that “we have not been able to find” any financial interconnectedness between NOM and Princeton University? How very interesting indeed that Tilghman alleges that investigations into this matter have been carried out, but there is, apparently, no means for the public to learn how they were carried out, why they were carried out, who carried them out, et cetera.  Persons with an interest in the topic just have to accept Tilghman’s word that “we have not been able to find” anything.

One gay-bashing booklet that came out of George’s Witherspoon Institute so impressed Republican Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas that he cited it approvingly towards a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. George himself has been involved in writing proposed texts for federal constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage throughout the country. If he could, he would immediately effect forced annulments of the marriages of all currently married gay American couples. The NOM pledge signed by all major Republican presidential candidates proposes exactly that sadistic, heterosupremacist gay-bashing outcome. Beating down relentlessly on a minority is not just “politics,” as Princeton Shirley Tilghman would love for you to believe, in order that you should leave her alone and not continue to demand that she finally, finally, finally repudiate George’s bigotry. The bigot movement that George leads with an aim of having all currently married gay American couples’ marriages annulled against their wills is an extension of the anti-gay domestic violence and terrorism that in many high schools still manifests in, among other ways, gay students being hurled up against hallway lockers as their attackers yell “Faggot!” at them, and George-like administrators, teachers and staff laugh with the attackers at the gay victims.

We are long past understanding that Princeton President Shirley Tilghman has no conscience that we might prod in this matter. So long as her corporation — with its $17.1 billion endowment — receives the benefits of its associations with the gay-bashing Professor Robert George, Tilghman could care less that George’s anti-gay hate group is responsible for making gay people live in heightened fear. The fears go way beyond those of the gay married couples being politically threatened and living in dread of forced annulments. At a NOM-sponsored anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx in May, 2011, a NOM-approved speaker yelled at a mob through a megaphone that homosexuals are “worthy to death.” That incitement occurred just blocks from where only recently, gay people had been taken prisoner and tortured by anti-gay bigots. Like Professor George, the bigots who carried out those tortures of gay people believe that they are superior to all homosexuals. Professor George is militantly opposed to gay-inclusive hate crime legislation. In the same city where George’s NOM speaker said that homosexuals are “worthy to death,” anti-gay bigots inflicted very serious injuries on Barie Shortell, who was luckier than the New Yorker Anthony Callao, who got murdered by anti-gay bigots in an apparent hate crime.

Professor George’s NOM made an anti-gay promotions video championing Jerry Buell, a public school teacher who told his class that gay people should be allowed to serve in the military, at the front lines with heterosexual troops deserting them from behind. Every time Princeton President Tilghman learns that Professor George has again been an accessory to repeating the message that the only good gay is a dead gay, Tilghman shrugs her shoulders.

Remember that George is on the Board of Directors of the Family Research Council, and that he has collaborated on anti-gay projects with some of the same Evangelical American gay-bashers whose fanning of the flames of anti-gay hatred in Uganda led to the proposal for a “Kill the gays” law in that country. It is essential to understand that the perceived authority and prestige lent to Robert George in his gay bashing through his academic associations with Princeton University contributes to the intensity of the communication of obsessive anti-gay hatreds among anti-gay hate groups in the U.S., and that those obsessive anti-gay hatreds thus intensified were exported to Uganda by people strongly influenced by Princeton Professor Robert George’s brand of gay bashing. Ugandan newspapers began publishing the names, photographs and home addresses of known homosexuals and calling for their executions. After Ugandan LGBT rights activist David Kato was brutally murdered in his home, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called for investigations into his murder and enhanced protections for gay Ugandans. Shockingly, in response, the Ugandan Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, James Nsaba Buturo, said “Homosexuals can forget about human rights.” When Brad Sherman, a Democratic Congressman from California, proposed a Congressional resolution condemning Uganda’s harsh and inhumane abuses of gay people, Princeton Professor Robert George’s Family Research Council spent $25,000 lobbying against the resolution, on the basis that it constituted “pro-homosexual promotion.” NOM’s arch bigot Maggie Gallagher has stated that she cherishes working with the Family Research Council. To understand how Princeton’s Robert George and his army of gay-bashing bigots can arrive to a place where they think one should not even issue a Congressional resolution against the murders of gay people, you have to remember that George says and repeats that homosexuality is “beneath the dignity of human beings as free and rational creatures.

When I wrote above that the counter-factual anti-gay propaganda that Professor George publishes, and encourages politically, is as ugly, outrageous and dishonorable against gays as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, combined with anti-Jewish politicking, is against Jews, I meant it. The dirty-lies-filled, anti-gay academic propaganda that Princeton Professor Robert George produces with the Princeton University name attached to it is used by him and others worldwide as elements of campaigns against gays that do not stop short of calling for known gays to be executed and/or of executions of known gays actually being carried out. George personally has been involved in the militant rejection of measures that would better protect gay students in the schools. He is admired by Dr. Rich Swier, a malicious anti-gay Tea Party blogger and radio host in Florida who says that anti-gay bullying is a “healthy” form of peer pressure. The Trustees of Princeton University are knowingly lending their corporate name, power and prestige to this barbaric, medieval bigot campaign against LGBTers. Tilghman’s ludicrous alibi is that Professor George has “academic freedom” to publish anti-gay lies in scholarly journals, though that violates the Princeton Code of Honor.

Readers should not now hold their breaths, expecting Princeton University’s selfish, despicable, cowardly President Shirley M. Tilghman finally to repudiate Princeton University Professor Robert George’s militantly politicized, unrelentingly hateful and tyrannical anti-gay bigotry. But if you want to sign a petition telling her that you think she should do so, you can sign the petition here.

As recently revealed, Princeton Professor Robert George’s NOM specifically plotted to pit African-Americans against LGBT-Americans politically, and thought also to attempt to turn a majority of Spanish-speaking Americans against gay people. Consider asking Princeton President Shirley Tilghman ( if she thinks that that particular application of anti-gay lies is an honorable one.


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