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One Less Choice

Photo by Eli

Photo by Eli

The idea that women have free will just drives conservatives crazy.  Not only do they hate the idea of women being allowed to terminate their pregnancies, they don’t want them to be able to terminate their marriages either:

In Wisconsin — yes, the same state where lawmakers have introduced a bill penalizing single mothers for being unmarried — a Republican state representative has come out against divorce for any reason — even domestic abuse.

Instead of leaving an abusive situation, women should try to remember the things they love about their husbands, Representative Don Pridemore said. “If they can re-find those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help,” he told a local news station.

In other words, no exception for the health of the woman.

Now here’s the punchline, such as it is: Pridemore’s comments were in support of the Glenn Grothman bill he co-sponsored, which scapegoats single mothers as “a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.” Because what better way to keep kids safe from abuse than pressuring their moms to stay with guys who beat them, right?

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