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That Photo Montage Slandering Trayvon? Stormfront Created It.

I. Am. Seriously. Angry.

Twenty minutes ago, a friend of mine was looking at another friend’s Facebook page wherein was posted, minus my red-fonted editorial comments, the photo montage above. The intent was obviously to chip away at the reputation of Trayvon Martin, the young (and unarmed) black teen shot to death by George Zimmerman last month in Sanford, Florida.

Having experience with the right-wing underground smear industry, which usually plies its poison via e-mails but which occasionally surfaces publicly, I suspected the montage was built around a blatant lie. And thirty seconds later, thanks to the magic of Google, my suspicions were confirmed via Strollerderby:

Suffice it to say, the discussion surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting is racially charged, even if the incident itself wasn’t. I personally find the latter assertion quite hard to believe, given that it’s likely Zimmerman uttered a racial slur during his 911 call and that as protesters have pointed out, it’s highly unlikely that a white teen in a hoodie would have looked as “suspicious” as Martin did to Zimmerman. Additionally, it’s hard for me to swallow that those who allegedly want to remove race from the equation are the same people who create images like those to the left, which try even harder to paint Trayvon as a black thug who deserved to die – especially given the fact that the photo on the bottom right of this composite questioning media bias is not actually of Trayvon Martin. It’s the fabrication of racist website Stormfront.

Did your blood just simultaneously run hot and cold when you read that, dear reader? Mine, too.

For those that don’t know, the people behind Stormfront are Nazis. Real, genuine Nazis, with more than a taste of Confederacy nostalgia mixed in. And they’re the ones slandering Trayvon Martin’s memory.

It gets worse:

Another composite of the bottom two photos you see above reads, “Many people are outraged that a white man shot a black man. There is only one problem with that statement; The shooter IS NOT white. So why the call to hate white people over this?” Though the claim that the photo of the kid flipping off the camera is Trayvon Martin has already been debunked on several sites, including the Miami New Times’ site, they note that, “If you’re screwed up enough to believe that a 17-year-old unarmed kid deserved to die because he once wore sagging shorts and flipped off the camera, then you’re going to keep sharing that image regardless of who it depicts.”

So, just in case your wingnut brother-in-law posts a similar montage slandering Trayvon Martin — who, being dead, can’t fight back — do feel free to shove this in your wingnut brother-in-law’s face. Please.

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