UPDATE 12:28 PM ET: The blogswarm has already raised over $10K off of its ActBlue page for the money bomb and that doesn’t even include donations flowing in via the Protect All NC Families web site or phoned into its HQ so far.

Goal ThermometerToday the Coalition to Protect All NC Families launches a week-long moneybomb to get over the $1,000,000 mark. Activists around the country — and the blogosphere — are stepping up this week to spread the word that North Carolina’s battle to defeat the bigotry of Amendment One is winnable — and this is the week to pitch in to reach a fundraising milestone.

The poorly-written discrimination measure designed to hurt gay and lesbian couples in NC — and that will also harm hundreds of thousands of families in this state will be on the ballot on May 8.
Why do I think we can win?  The polling shows we can:
  • 54.2% of North Carolinians surveyed either oppose or strongly oppose “an amendment to the constitution that would ban same-sex marriage.”
  • Only 37.8% polled were in any way supportive of Amendment One.
  • The poll also illustrates a dramatic increase in the category of “strong opposition” to this type of amendment from only one year ago, with 34% now voicing strong opposition versus 21.8% in February 2011.
  • Overall opposition to Amendment One increased even further when North Carolinians polled were asked whether they opposed an amendment to the North Carolina constitution “that would prevent civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.” Nearly 57% of North Carolinians (56.9%) polled opposed or strongly opposed an amendment on that basis.

What is the challenge ahead?

Bottom line – we need to raise money to get on the air to combat the lies and misinformation being spread by Tami Fitzgerald‘s Vote for Marriage NC — with help from the right-wing Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council, an organization recognized as a national hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Early voting starts in NC on April 19.

What is working in our favor is that our opposition is on the defense with tired, poorly executed messaging (see the post, “Deconstructed: Vote for Marriage NC ad makes the case against Amendment One“), but the right-wing forces around the country are willing to pour money into the state to assist the Art Pope machine’s support of Amendment One (click the image to learn more about Pope).

And that’s why we are launching the Money bomb

An additional $2,000,000 in donations need to come in over the next three to four weeks to go on the air with a fully-funded ad campaign.  Today kicks off a week-long online grassroots fundraising to reach the referendum campaign’s initial $1 million dollar fundraising milestone.

Who’s on board for the launch? Just a few of the heavyweight forces helping Pam’s House Blend/FDL kick it off  — The Human Rights Campaign, the Courage Campaign and Adam Bink, Joe Sudbay of Americablog, and Scott Wooledge of Daily Kos — and many others are standing with us as part of the money bomb.

Where do things stand so far?

To date, Protect All NC Families has already raised more than $950,000 in financial contributions, the vast majority from thousands of individual North Carolina donors, as well as key coalition members the Human Rights Campaign, Replacements, Ltd, Self-Help, Equality NC, ACLU NC and others.

“This seven-day money bomb enables us to do the most important thing we could in this campaign: educate as many state citizens as possible in as many ways as possible about the harms of this constitutional amendment, including communicating those harms to women, children and families on television and radio,” said Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for Protect All NC Families.

  • We have more than 30 experienced staff on the ground with 7 field offices.
  • We have more than 120 coalition partners across the state who reach diverse, wide-ranging audiences and who have pledged opposition to Amendment One. The partners include HRC, the NC-NAACP, Libertarian Party of North Carolina, NC Democratic Party, the Alliance of Baptists, ACLU, Equality NC and many more.
  • President Barack Obama announced his opposition to Amendment One last week which marks one of the first state fights that he has directly waded in. OFA and the Democratic Party are mobilizing turnout for the May 8 primary and we are working with them directly.
  • Jen Jones wrote an Op-Ed for the Huffington Post entitled “A Nation is Watching North Carolina… Are You?” which is a great summation of our recent progress.

Time to put some skin in the game

As a native North Carolinian I have skin in the game by default; while I lived in NYC for many years, I chose to return to NC because it’s a great place to live and to raise a family. I have seen the political evolution of NC from a Red to Purple state, and as I said in my personal appeal for people to get in the game here:

But this is my state — and my rights are under attack by people who don’t know me, don’t care to know me or my family, and think they are “protecting marriage” with this bigoted ballot initiative that will be before voters on May 8. I’m a native North Carolinian whose family has deep roots in the state and has played a significant part in the business and civil rights history of NC and this amendment, which would restrict rights, not expand them, is wrong for our state.

If I can do it, so can others, but maybe you just haven’t just found the moment to do so, and you certainly don’t have to dig as deep I did.

Kate and I did to the tune of $1,000, and that’s money I should not have parted for myriad reasons I blogged about a few days ago. But winning this battle means that much to me, to my family.

My good friend Joe Sudbay, who worked so hard for his home state of Maine’s battle for equality, has graciously given:

This one is personal for Pam. Seems like everyone asks Pam to help their causes — and, she always does. On this one, I also want to give back on something that matters personally to Pam. So, Carlos and I dipped into our rainy day fund to match Pam and Kate’s contribution. This year, my political money is going to the efforts to achieve equality.

What you can do…

But an important piece of the moneybomb this week involves YOU — if you’re on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll see a major social media fundraising push that you can help with by sharing and retweeting, joining state and national bloggers and the coalition campaign’s partner organizations in this grassroots fundraising push.

Send out these Tweets, passing along those hashtags!

Stand with @protectNC to defeat #amendment1 in #NC – #firstinfight moneybomb https://secure.actblue.com/page/ncmoneybomb

.@protectnc coalition stands a real shot to defeat anti-LGBT #amendment1. Support #firstinfight #ncmoneybomb https://secure.actblue.com/page/ncmoneybomb

Find out about the latest information today!

3 PM ET: We’re going to host a CoverItLive chat session with Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager of Protect All NC Families, simultaneously broadcast/embedded on Daily Kos, Americablog, the Courage Campaign and other popular progressive and LGBT sites today. Stop by and ask questions about how you can help, what plans are in store for the final push to educate people about the harms of the Amendment and the work needed to get voters to the polls to “vote against” on May 8.

Protect All NC Families

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* Daily Kos: This week: Netroots Money Bomb to oppose NC’s Amendment One. Scott Wooledge:

I don’t buy that North Carolinians are just too southern and can’t be reached and educated. These are pronouncements made by people who don’t live there and underestimate the North Carolina people and is more than a little condescending to the most progressive southern state, which broke for a guy named Barack Obama in 2008.

* Joe My God: LAUNCHED: NC Marriage Moneybomb
* Good As You: Six weeks to Protect NC Families #4marriageNC
* Prop 8 Trial Tracker: Why North Carolina is different–and important Jacob Combs:

Out of all the Southern states, North Carolina seems the most natural choice to reflect the growing support for marriage equality across the U.S. by bucking the tradition set by its neighbors and defeating a marriage ban.  A win for our side in North Carolina would show that the momentum for marriage equality truly is building, and that the coalition of voters from all walks of life that support the right to marry can make a difference and defeat an odious measure like Amendment One.

* Back 2 Stonewall: Help Save North Carolina’s LGBT Community From Discrimination and Bigotry! – Help Fight NC’s Amendment One!

* The Bilerico Project: North Carolina Amendment Recap & LiveChat at 3pm. Bil Browning:

The other side has launched their deceptive first web video. Meanwhile, Protect NC Families has launched videos from all five of the major statewide candidates in the NC Democratic Party opposing Amendment One. I’ll see everyone at 3pm Eastern to talk to Kennedy about the campaign so far and what’s in store for North Carolina. I’m honored to be a co-host and with Freedom to Marry ignoring the fight, it’s even more important for all of us to get heavily involved. They need our support now more than ever. If we can kill an amendment in the south, we’ll send a clear message that the days of using marriage equality as a wedge issue is over.

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