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Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Simple Libertine, or Aggravated Procurer? (#can’t catch a break…)

Just as the Democrats dodged a bullet when John Edwards' primary fortunes went south, soon followed by his reputation for probity, so to did the French Socialist Party, (hopefully to be the party of the new president after Francois Hollande opens a can of run-off whup-fesses on Nicolas Sarkozy), when Strauss-Kahn availed himself of something from the in-room hospitality bar at Sofitel.

Had his career not cratered here in New York, he would have been just about to enter the lists against Sarkozy (who may have outsmarted himself, if indeed, he was the author of DSK's ensnarement in the attempted rape contretemps) when his frolic at a bunch of run-of-the-mill orgies in Lille resulted in the current charges that he did more than wave his flagpole, but actually flew the pimp flag itself.

I'm not sure if it's been a really, really bad decade for the high-testosterone crowd, but between S.C. Governor Sanford (the Appalachian Hootchi-Koo), Edwards, Strauss Kahn and Nevada (ex) Senator Ensign, we have had a deluge of potential presidents laid low by virtue of questionable virtue.

In the case of DSK, lest we wonder how he could so soon "re-offend" after barely escaping the clutches of New York justice and Riker's Island, it should be noted that the parties at issue pre-dated the episode at the Sofitel.

That said, and pausing to wonder how it can be that "Consorting with prostitutes is legal in France but supplying prostitutes to others is illegal"(I thought they were so soigne…), we look on in amazement at the hi-jinks of the high and mighty.

And we all thought that "Ma, ma, where's my pa, gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha" was so out of date as a political slogan.  Anyway, it turned out better for Grover Cleveland than DSK.

Considering Grover Cleveland, maybe John Edwards could have survived the love-child brouhaha, if only he hadn't been cheating on the sainted Elizabeth. 

Personally, I think back fondly on JFK, whose hand I shook as a boy.  If I had known then where that hand had been, I might never have washed mine again.  (Marilyn Monroe, ya feel me?.)



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