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Blog call update: Where we stand on Day 1 of the blogswarm money bomb

I just got off of a blog/media call with Jeremy Kennedy and Co. of Protect All NC Families and it’s great to report that several major donors came forward today, and in addition to the week-long blogswarm/money bomb launched today $150K has been raised to fight Amendment One in the last 48 hours. We need to raise $2,000,000 more over the next two-three weeks..

According to Jeremy, this already ranks as second-most well-funded campaign out of all of the Southern states with this push (behind Florida) — and every cent is needed. Realistically it will cost $750K to realistically get two ads on the air in the major NC markets.

There was an amazing response on the Money Bomb ActBlue page; it scored as the top performing  #1 campaign today. The Courage Campaign, and HRC sent out money bomb emails to their NC contacts that made headway. Freedom to Marry and Minnesota United will be sending emails out.

You can donate here: and here:

Campaign Pollster Celinda Lake was on the call and these points were made:

  • The anti-Amendment One forces have the pro-Amendment forces on the defense re: messaging about protecting children. The harms must be stressed and, knowing that the other side will try to make this about the children, we have stories to tell — if we can get on the air, supported by you — that have to get out.
  • Protecting children of unmarried parents strongly resonates with the black community when discussing Amendment One; the NC NAACP’s strong opposition to Amendment One is a key message to get out:

No matter our color. No matter our faith tradition. Those who stand for love and justice are not about to fall for their trick. No matter how you feel personally about same-sex marriage, no one, especially those of us whose forebearers were denied constitutional protections and counted as 3/5ths of a vote for their slave-masters and mere chattel property for other purposes in the old Constitutions-none of us should ever want to deny any other person constitutional protections. – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the North Carolina NAACP

  • NC has highest proportion of working women in the country, and the effect on domestic violence laws by Amendment One resonates with these women.
  • The negative business impact of Amendment One resonates strongly in Charlotte market. Losing the ability to attract talent makes a huge difference.
  • Frank Schubert, the anti-gay communications guru responsible for managing California’s Prop 8 campaign and the strategy behind Maine’s Question 1 is being brought on board by the pro-Amendment 1 forces.  You’ll be hearing more about this guy soon.
  • Endorsements matter. Bank of America, President Obama and others coming out against Amendment One matters. Period.
  • If one of our goals is to move the African American community our way and consolidate independent voters and white Democrats then elected officials coming out against this amendment then you couldn’t ask for a better response then what has happened to date in this campaign. Literally everyone that Democrats vote for on May 8 will be a against the amendment.
  • A fully funded campaign can absolutely win in North Carolina. We have to change the message terrain in North Carolina. We have the ability to do that and we have messages that can absolutely win if we have the resources. We have to push the unintended consequences message and how Amendment One is poorly written. We can absolutely do it and we can win. Chad Griffin and Mark Armour are producing great ads, Liz Chatterdon is producing great mail and New Kind have accomplished great things online. The other side is scared and they have brought in their top guns. Win, or lose, if we can beat the other side back on  children then we can change this battle forever. Frank Schubert has been hired by the other side because they are running scared. It is our job to take it back. We can take back our arguments and change forever the terrain in which the equal rights movement fights.

The North Carolina Democratic Party stands against Amendment One – do you?

Karen Ocamb of LGBT POV asked what the NC Democratic Party was doing statewide to help defeat Amendment One, the response was that while the party isn’t involved in this money bomb, it has stepped up to oppose it with boots on the ground for GOTV, asking the party chapters in all 100 counties to move on this. (Note: The California Dem party has also sent out emails asking for people to participate in a phone from home program to contact NC voters).


Jeremy spoke at the NCDP Executive Committee meeting in Charlotte. It had passed a resolution opposing the amendment and they passed a new resolution calling on all 100 campaign committees to oppose the amendment. This was sent out via email:

Whereas, the 700 members of the State Executive Committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party have unanimously passed a Resolution opposing Amendment One on the May, 2012 Primary ballot;

Whereas, this State Executive Council of the North Carolina Democratic Party has unanimously voted its opposition to Amendment One;

Therefore, be it resolved, that this State Executive Council today restates its opposition to Amendment One and

1 – Asks all County Democratic Parties to adopt Resolutions against Amendment One;
2 – Asks all County Democratic Parties to go to work and actively oppose Amendment One.

This Resolution was unanimously passed by the State Executive Council on March 17, 2012 in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

And we will need those boots on the ground soon — early voting begins on April 19.


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