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Late Night Roundup, March 25, 2012

Too much Mad Men tonight for me to get this off at a normal hour.

• You try to end recessions as quickly as possible because they have devastating effects for the people whose skills atrophy, and this has knock-on effects for productivity and the whole economy.

• Not that we needed confirmation of this, but the Ryan budget basically makes poor people pay for tax cuts mostly for the rich, weapons systems and a deficit caused by… well, tax cuts and weapons systems.

• The smart money is on Obama waiting until after the election to “evolve” into supporting marriage equality, but there’s an outside chance it could happen before.

• Wells Fargo openly defies the SEC for document requests on its mortgage backed securities deals. Will the SEC do anything more than offer an olive branch settlement with “neither admit nor deny” language inside?

• As Staff Sgt. Robert Bales faces 17 counts of murder (which were done in two trips from the base), the US gave the families of the victims $50,000 in blood money per death.

• The rallies and protests over Trayvon Martin’s death continue across the country, including high school walkouts and this poignant picture from basketball’s Miami Heat. And one big-city mayor, Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, termed Trayvon’s death an assassination, while DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz called for the repeal of the stand your ground law. Heck, when they’re not criticizing Obama’s statement, even Republican candidates for President are expressing outrage of their own.

• Walking into a contested Senate race with a just-opened ethics scandal is a bad place to be for Nevada Democrat Shelley Berkley.

• The Republican Governors Association has jumped into the ad wars in the Scott Walker recall. Millions will get spent on both sides before it’s done.

• Human beings no longer control the stock market. It’s largely a sucker’s bet played by computers.

• I definitely support giving Syrian immigrants Temporary Protected Status rather than shipping them out to a war zone. Good move by the Administration.

• The Fed wants to take a look at this recent phenomenon of banks changing their status to avoid new capital rules before they come online.

Not so fast on the threats from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to simply re-route tar sands oil west to Asia in the event of a full rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline.

• I know housing analysts want to be cheery these days, but every report in the last week has been disappointing.

• The dolphins are still sick from the BP oil spill.

• Obama embraces “Obamacare,” or at least the term. The only move, really.

• Really fascinating story from Dave Roberts about “seriousness” and the climate change debate.

• A psychiatrist told university police at Penn State that Jerry Sandusky fit the profile of a pedophile all the way back in 1998.

• Bill Maher has a real blind spot when it comes to particularly the civil liberties of Muslims, frankly, which made this debate with Glenn Greenwald so interesting.

• Target is not exactly the nice Wal-Mart, in fact when it comes to union-busting, the two superstores are two sides of the same coin.

• Dennis Kucinich, still looking for a Congressional district, heads on a fact-finding mission to Washington state.

• The Kony2012 outcry has roused the African Union to form a posse to hunt down the warlord.

• Rick Santorum dropping BS-bombs on the campaign trail, bless his heart, that good Christian.

• Sometimes awareness is all it takes: “pink slime” oozing out of public school menus.

• Obama has the same verbal head-pat for practically every country on Earth.

• The Reason Rally on the National Mall this weekend sounded like a fun time.

• A Kazakh athlete won a gold medal at world championships in Kuwait. They played the fake national anthem from the movie Borat by mistake when he went on the medal stand.

Geraldo in a Hoodie is the best insta-Tumblr of the week.

• Jim Kim, freestyle (around the 2:00 mark).

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