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Has the ‘War On Women’ been declared a Jobs Program yet?

A Job Program and A Sales Program, all In One! (image: donkeyhotey/flickr)

A Jobs Program and A Sales Program, All In One! (image: donkeyhotey/flickr)

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It has been fascinating, albeit in an unpleasant way, to watch the War On Women unfold this month. There’s more than a little irony that we are seeing this “war” take place in March when March is annually the month to celebrate Women’s History. That’s a problem as many of the battles that women have fought for over the years are being re-fought this year, so how can we celebrate them as history?

Actually, the best way I think to celebrate is to fight against the current iteration of the war. As I wrote a couple of years ago, I love strong women, but that gives me no more the right to tell any woman how she should live her life than the state has a right to do. Yet all over the country, we are seeing state and federal elected officials propose that a women considering abortion has to undergo an invasive, unnecessary procedure that’s only purpose is to attempt to intimidate a woman as if she has no will and awareness of her own.

The justifications for these proposed laws are about as patronizing and condescending as there is. The attempted obfuscations (“Religious Freedom!”) rival the worst of what we’ve seen. Really, about the only smoke screen we haven’t seen is someone trying to defend these attacks on women as a job creation effort.

Maybe they just haven’t thought of it before. They do manage to keep re-cycling the same standard activities and call them Jobs programs. Tax Cuts! = Jobs Programs. De-regulation = Jobs Program. Drill, Baby, Drill = Jobs Program.

I guess the only reason they may have not linked the War On Women to a Jobs Program is it really wouldn’t be a Jobs Program. The sad thing is, I would wager they could find thousands of people willing to volunteer as “Chief Busybody and Slut Shamer.” Do they understand that “The Handmaid’s Tale” is not really a “How-to” guide?
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