Friday Night Shakira’s Ass So Everyone Will Just Shut The Hell Up Blogging

Jesus Tebow, you people….

Let’s just get to the music, maybe watch some basketball, go see The Hunger Games, get laid …. just do something other than bitch about whether Obama is the worst President ever or the worst President that there will ever be.

By the way, Cults the other night were stunning. They know what they want to do and how they want to sound and they do it very well. Madeline Follin nails her sixties girl group vocals perfectly and musically there were some very nice My Bloody Valentine-esque flourishes throughout. Also, too, nice cover of Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows.

Tour schedule here.

Okay, then…

Boa Constrictor – The Magnetic Fields
Shadows – Sunny Day Real Estate
Hare Krishna – Thievery Corporation
Bros – Panda Bear
Deeper Down – Wilco
Rose Parade – Sexton Blake (Elliott Smith cover)
Cherry Twist – The Crystal Method
Panic – The Smiths
Our Way To Fall – Yo La Tengo
Let’s Take A Walk – Raphael Saadiq
and….. Kundalini Express – Love & Rockets


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