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Misogyny and the Left: Time for a Discussion?

Since March is Women’s History Month, David Dayen’s article on what he calls the growing backlash against the War on Women — a backlash that as he later noted is even being felt in places like Idaho — made me think of the reasons why there even needs to be a backlash in the first place. A key reason, unfortunately, is that too many self-styled progressives, liberals, and/or leftists are themselves still quite dismissive of the concerns of 50% of the population.

One would think that they had learned from the firestorm over Ralph Nader’s lumping together GLBT and women’s issues and then dismissing them as mere “gonadal politics”. But apparently not. A number of them seem to be too busy defending the perceived “right” of twentysomething suburban white males to go downtown and smash a few windows in the name of justice to notice or to care. I’ve even seen women’s issues mocked as “pet issues”.

So what do we do about this? What can we do about this? Post your thoughts below.

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