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Hello everybody. Sorry I have not posted in a few days but work at the Hospital has been crazy, I have been busy with my wife’s birthday March 20th, my youngest son’s birthday March 21st, organizing for my own birthday bash March 24th (my birthday is March 25th and that day is only for me and the wife) . So I have been unavailable. Well OK and one other small thing. Grin.

So did I miss anything while I was gone?..LOLOL. Man.. 1,130 odd comments and at least two other threads created as well.

First things first. Thank you all you firebaggers. I am proud to call you friends and allies. Even or maybe especially those of you who I have crossed swords with or did not agree with me politically but saw the bigger issues involved.

Thank you to Scarecrow AKA John the Mod (your new nickname for me) Zapkitty for bringing John up to date and yes, Jane For allowing this site and for having myself unbanned.

An absolute, 100% big old hug, (no kisses, my lovely wife would not approve…) respect and admiration toMarsdragon, Alan Maki,  DWBaroo and Wbgonne for  putting yourselves on the line and creating the articles in the first place. Big and I mean BIG props and respect to you all. YOU WERE MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Normanb, markfromireland, Edward Teller, psalongo, the callup, lefttown,Boxturtle, wendydavis, papau, Senator Governmennt, goNPA, Kurt Perry, Masoninblue, letsbegin, Iron Comments, Anthonny Noel, storyofo, SharonMI, ubethaiam, Bear Country, Tambershell, realitychecker, wigwam, homeroid, occupygaza, Beachpopulist, zeabow, attillathehen, hotflashcarol, cole65, joe blue, robspierre. All of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your well thought out defense, not of me but of the principle of standing up for the right to free speech will bring us all up and forward. Here at our home. The Lake. Firedoglake.

I am overcome with pride and thanks for knowing you all. You all showed yourselves who and what you all are.

To Karenb, your comment about FDL was wrong and proven wrong. By these magnificent heroes. I hope you come back.

Now- To the others.

Folks, I know that I stood up to these bullies. Not just for myself but for others. It is my nature to do so. They have proven themselves and they do not realize (yet) the damage they have done to themselves and to their own credibility. Somewhere in that 1,130 comment someone made the comment about letting them do it. To show themselves. I could not agree more. Pheonix Woman and Teddy Partridge have proven themselves. They have proven themselves to be, in my honest opinion nothing but mean spirited, ugly and vindictive bullies. I was so proud to see my fellow firebaggers stand up to them. Good for you guys.

However, there is one special case that I would like to address here. Just me and me personally.


LaRue. I now deem you Peppie La Pew. As in the french skunk cartoon character. I will call you Peppie.

Peppie. It is my own opinion (protected under First Amendment) that you are not just a bully. You are a PUNK. As in prison yard punk. So little  boy you can bother me all you want. I care not one whit. I have no time or energy for a punk. If you ever want to dance, come sign onto my dance card, sonny boy.

To the rest of you fine noble people. If Little Peppie is trying to bully you, then contact me here at FDL or you can e mail me at

So now some thoughts. Why Pheonix has taken such an intense hatred of myself. Again, my own studied opinion is because here in Minnesota I am running a deadly serious and earnest campaign for US Senate 2012. My opponent is Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat. Senator Klobuchar has proven herself to be worse than Obama. Which is a pretty low bar. A lot and I mean a lot of people are angry right now.

Yes, the Republican Party has proven itself to be almost completely insane. It is also true that the Democratic Party has proven itself to be completely cowardly and craven in response to that insanity. That is a pretty widely accepted idea here in Minnesot-ah. People are looking for something.

Someone who will do more than make statements. Someone who will stand up to the bullies and the bigots. I have a proven track record of doing just that. Peppie La Pew is small potatoes to me.

I am running for US Senate to win in Minnesota. To replace Amy Klobuchar and shake up the political establishment.

I am convinced that this is the real reason that Pheonix Woman has such a need to attack and smear myself and Alan Maki.

I could be wrong and remain willing to be proven so.

In the meantime, here is a little song. It has been our campaign these song for some time.

*There were no french skunks harmed in the making of this article.


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Michael Cavlan RN

Michael Cavlan RN