Zombie Breitbart Wept

Great moments in accountability.

First, how they rearranged the deckchairs on the SS Blustery Breitbart:

Breitbart News Network, LLC, which oversees Breitbart.com, reported today that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed Stephen Bannon (pictured at right) as Executive Chairman and Laurence Solov as Chief Executive Officer/President, effectively immediately.

Breitbart, the company’s founder, held these positions at the time of his unexpected passing on March 1st. Other positions: Joel Pollack will be Editor-in-Chief; Alexander Marlow will be Managing Editor and Ben Shapiro will be Editor-at-Large.

So the Breitbart brain-trust posts Jason Matteras’ Extreme Fail Bono video in which it is fairly obvious that Mattera isn’t interviewing the real Bono and when asked about it, Editor in Chief Pollak takes full responsibility. Hah ha. No, he doesn’t:

We went through a vetting process on this and appropriate questions were raised and appropriate answers were given,” Breitbart.com editor Joel Pollack assured us this afternoon by phone. “But the videographer then asked us to take it down, so we did.” But Pollak said he would “neither confirm nor deny” that mistaken identity was the reason for the scrubbing.

These are the guys who are going to #vettheprez.

Back to square one Breitards, so here you go.

This is Bono hugging a black man:

Go get him…

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