It Must Be My Mirthday, Cuz Look At All The Presents I Got

Looks like I picked a bad day to go outside and play (busy all afternoon, then going to see Cults -those guys above – tonight), since this morning has bestowed upon us a virtual cornucopia of material. But, before I rush out the door, Jonah Goldberg-style, here is a collection of wonderfulness that might just make you believe in God or, even better, the divinity of Shakira’s ass:

The geniuses in the NY Jets organization decided that the one thing that panicky-makes-poor-decisions Mark Sanchez needs, is panicky-makes-poor-decisions Tim Tebow looking over his shoulder. Juicebox Jesus goes east. Cult to follow. Gomorrah awaits.

Supergenius Romney Communications Director Eric Fehrnstrom admitted on teevee this morning that Mittens is a blank slate who only thinks when using the straight lines that are provided for him.

Supersupergenius Brooklyn bad-boy-in-his-mind, Jason Matterra, who may or may not have severe or possibly crippling learning disabilities, posted an awesome video of himself badgering a Bono impersonator in order to promote his book: Look! I Wrote A Book!. I Am Too Smart!

One last thing, thanks to Sally D. from NY now in Canadia. Appreciated.

And, seriously, that is an awesome video.

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