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Abuse of the FDL Comment Flagging System

It took me a 1000+ post thread,  a member getting banned and other members getting threaten to figure it out, but some FDL members are seriously abusing the FDL  comment flagging system. FDL moderators are in a position to stop that abuse. It’s seems FDL moderators have been turning a blind eye to serial abuse of the comment flagging system by some members. I was starting to put what was happening together, but marymccurnin spilled the beans in this comment…

marymccurnin: “…It ain’t FDL. It is your fellow commentator casting their votes via the FLAG thingie. If enough people click on the flag then you get that little email. It is not a conspiracy.”

This abuse of comment flagging system could have been easily stopped. It wasn’t. It had to be obvious to FDL moderators some FDL members were at times flagging just about every comment on the board they disagreed with. FDL moderators could and should have stopped this abuse.

Well.. cat’s out of the bag now. Some FDL members are using the comment flagging system vindictively. FDL moderators haven’t done much to stop this abuse. That’s going to have to change very quickly.

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