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Welcome to SYRIA, U.S.A.

Trayvon Martin, citizen, United States of America, shot and killed for being a citizen. George Zimmerman, citizen, United States of America, shot and killed- a citizen of the United States of America.

It all started so log ago, this new americanized christian fraud. We stand today as the inheritors of a wealth of sins from a land that was or is not sacred to anyone but the original owners – or occupiers. And from that early land grab, we cultivated a system of “property” laws. All about what you have, not are. And from that original sin, we cultivated such other manifestations of this with such touted principles as “possession is 9/10’s of the the law” and eminent, or imminent, domain. and “a man’s home is his castle” unless he is tricked out of it or forced out of it by any exception one can dream of.

And here we stand today, naked of the sacredness of life and community but instead in some sort of free-market-free-for-all where you can pretend to be friends one day then show your true colors the next.

And here we stand today amongst the barrons of thievery who – having run completely out of growth – have decided to make a cattle farm of mainstreet and challenge the population to play their latest game… “YOU BET YOUR LIFE” – by selling your entire future on the bet that you might actually get to pay it off.

So underneath the pretense of respect we see the inner workings of how it is that people become so easily stripped of all that – most never really had. So here we stand today. And here we shall fall. For all the lies of glitter, blinding and distracting us from a reality we never really had that was sacred enough to hold onto, that pretense of value for eachother we can also cast upon the earth, the soil, the water, the air, the mountains of ice and snow.

So when you get really tired of trying to patch up something that isnt working, wont work, has never worked, get out your pen and paper and draw up a plan that will. And dont make it a fixit plan, lay out what works. Because when you see what can and will work for the good of all people and those not yet born, when you see it, hold it up, let everyone see it, and we’ll get there.

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