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Occupy May Day Strike Hits Mainstream

From the Associated Press:

Occupy Wall Street activists on Monday called for supporters to skip work on May 1 to protest what they’re calling police brutality during 73 arrests in New York during the weekend.

Several dozen activists joined members of New York’s City Council for a news conference in Zuccotti Park to complain about police tactics. On Saturday, police started detaining people after hundreds of Occupy supporters gathered in the park to mark six months since the start of the movement.

Occupy organizers across the country have been mobilizing for months toward a one-day general strike in May.

It is good to see the Mainstream Media finally taking notice. Occupy May Day already has had a:

* Facebook Group
* Reddit Feed
* Website
* And numerous declarations of support and solidarity from Occupy Oakland to Occupy Minneapolis to Occupy Miami and on and on.

More from AP:

While Occupy organizers have been clamoring for the May general strike as a springtime renewal of their movement, it’s impossible to gauge the expected response.

Last November in Oakland, when the Occupy movement was at its height, a daylong general strike resulted in a five-hour protest at the city’s port, the nation’s fifth-busiest. In solidarity, hundreds of Oakland teachers skipped school, leaving too few substitutes to keep some classes running.

Supporters in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and elsewhere held smaller-scale demonstrations.

Spring is coming…

What are you doing on May 1st, 2012?

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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