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Calling a Rose Dirt: A Peek Into the Mind of the LGBT Opposition

I’d never heard of Watchwoman on the Wall until a keyword search turned up her blog. Check out this fascinating example of hyper-religiosity and homophobia potentiating each other in a negative feedback loop. She wrote this under the unassuming news-ish title “Washington Referendum Moves Forward to Preserve Traditional Marriage”. I’ve added paragraph breaks and removed Bible verses to improve readability.

I could write that a horse is a cow, that a piece of dirt is a rose, that there is a planet called Cryptioniazus with life on it that it is really there. I could write that I am 16 years old. I could write anything. So can anyone else. But that doesn’t make it so.

Only God sanctions marriages. Anyone who is NOT married in the sight of God is not married! I don’t care if they are Adam and Eve, or Adam and Steve, or Eve and Ava. If God does not say they are married, they are no more married than that horse is a cow, than that piece of dirt is a rose, that there’s a planet called Cryptioniazus with life on it, or that I’m 16 years old, even if I showed a fake birth certificate. A fake birth certificate is no more valid than a phony marriage license or certificate.

I don’t care which sodomite apostate pastor of some sodomite apostate church signs a piece of worthless paper document and says some words at an altar in front of people saying two sodomites or two lesbians are married, if it is not God Sanctioned Marriage between one woman and one man, the words and paper and signature are worthless and there is no marriage.

If God says it is not so, it is not so. No minister, pastor, church, denomination, judge, law, decree or order by any government can change God’s Immutable Word — His Written Law Word — The Holy King James Bible.

I don’t care what laws they pass or repeal, marriage will never be marriage unless it is between one man and one woman because God declared it to be so! There is no argument. No man or woman, no matter how many they claim they have saying and agreeing, it matters not how powerful he thinks he is, he or she cannot redefine God’s Laws because God created the Law! This is absolute! …[Bible verses]

P. S. – BTW, Traditional Marriage is not my choice of terminology. It is either God Sanctioned Marriage or it not marriage.

It’s no skin off my nose if someone else doesn’t think my marriage is God-approved, so long as their interpretation of God’s marriage rules don’t interfere with equal protection of the laws. But somehow I’m finding it hard to believe Watchwoman on the Wall‘s claim that “I don’t care what laws they pass or repeal”. The repeated use of “sodomite” kinda gives her away.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer