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Occupy Nashville: Feces & Needles & Pee, Oh Me!

Information Table 17 March

Last Monday morning at about 4 am, Occupy Nashville was finally evicted from Legislative Plaza. I updated my then current post with the news and a couple of links, plus ON’s statement later that day. Lone camper Chris Humphrey was dragged from his tent, but not arrested. The information table was at first confiscated, then returned.

ON has chosen not to try and re-Occupy the Plaza by camping, but has maintained a presence with their information table, and in true ON fashion, a unique spin on the use of a tent-probably the best use of one since this last November- by unveiling “The Tent Monster.”

The Tent Monster was a big hit, and kids especially loved it, according the man beneath the monster, Chris Humphrey. In fact, ON received five pizzas, soft drinks, and $174 in donations that day. (I was proud to present a box of clothes and supplies to Chris today, courtesy of Occupy Supply, to salute his hard work with ON. Ironically, temperatures have been in the 70’s the last few days as I gave him the box of cold weather gear. Chris has written for The Contributor, Nashville’s newspaper written by it’s homeless community, and I hope he will contribute to FDL.)

GA 17 March 1

The Legislature is not finished with ON; not by a long shot. Just as ‘sKoch’ Walker in Wisconsin claimed $7.5 million damages (for what were in reality about $347,500 in damages), now TN is claiming a minimum of $61,000 in damages. Among the damages being charged for are the “cost of removing fecal matter, urine and needles,” which “totaled $9,900.” And we all know, that if it involves urine it involves Watson, Eric P Watson, of course, who makes the cost $151,000. The Tennessean has a database here. Fortunately, TN’s Teabag Republicans have been a frugal lot, and thus quite qualified to cast stones, among other items at (sometimes) real but more often imaginary targets.

It’ll take more than the frothy mix of Watson’s fetid imagination and the Legislature’s quasi-legal maneuvering to stop ON, however. Monday, 19 March is a big day as Occupy Vanderbilt begins. Also on the 19th, former FDL book salon guest Michelle Alexander comes to Nashville’s American Baptist College for a luncheon and speech about her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the age of Color Blindness.

The folllowing Monday (26th), at the Friends Meeting House at 530 26th Ave, Kathy Kelly will speak on Afghanistan.

GA 17 March 4
Lindsay Krinks informed us today about an action planned for 1 April, coordinated by the USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants, “a bi-national day of action to protest the ongoing criminalization of poor and homeless people in our communities.” Starting about 4 pm, it will feature teach-ins, and culminate with a mass sleep-in.

Nanci Griffith leads us out with a video that features a couple of shots of ON, along with a multitude of other Occupies.

My latest humble offering,

features scenes of Legislative Plaza today (17 March) along with Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark Was The Night.” Compare that with this, my first video of ON from 14. Jan. It seems like such a long time ago……

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