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Kabuki Theatre and “The American Dream”

Sounds like more Obama Administration “Kabuki Theatre”–my first thought when I saw the Huffington Post headline “Social Security Battle’s New Turn: Unions Call for Increase in Benefits.”

So, let’s see: the AFL-CIO issues a statement that they want to see Social Security benefits increased just days after they throw their support behind President Obama’s 2012 election campaign. (Easy to do, since that KNOW that this WILL NEVER HAPPEN). This Huff Po article also conveniently links to an Action Link on the AFL-CIO website. Click on that link, and Presto!–a full screen glossy picture of President Obama appears, emblazoned with the caption: A President Who Works for Working Families.

Next, enter the MSNBC so-called “left” talking heads (mostly DLC shills), and the cadre of barely centre-left corporatist radio personalities (that is, if they finally tire of beating to death the Rush Limbaugh/contraception/Obamacare debacle), and what have you got? A propaganda machine like none we’ve ever seen. The goal? A very transparent attempt to “set up a narrative” that allows President Obama to appear to be the “sensible center,” even as he “guts” both Social Security and Medicare in the pursuit of striking an ever illusive Grand Bargain with conservative Republicans and Democrats.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner (VA) reports that the “Gang of Six” is currently overseeing the process of having the Bowles-Simpson Fiscal Commission recommendations put into legislative language. He apparently holds out hope that a financial or political event could occur which will facilitate the striking of a Grand Bargain BEFORE the Presidential election in November.

Indeed, it appears that the so-called Washington Consensus is “entitlements must be destroyed (or in the vernacular of the Washington elite of both parties, “reformed”) in order to save them.” And, that under no circumstances, should US lawmakers consider reimbursing the monies that they’ve pilfered from the Social Security Fund to finance war and empire building.

Where is all the money going to come from to finance President Obama’s pet projects–Education, Infrastructure, Research and Development, Lowering Corporate Tax Rates and Reforming the Individual Tax Code, Defense Spending, etc.? Answer: It will come at the expense of the elderly, the poor, and the disabled, through “savings” made possible by implementation of draconian cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits.

Some “American Dream,” huh?

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