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Come Saturday Morning: Minnesota ALEC Members Pretend ALEC Is Impotent

Such helpless babes in arms!

Welcome to Bizarro World, where black is white, up is down, the fire department starts fires and ALEC is just a bunch of toothless eunuchs holding a debating society:

Former ALEC state chair Laura Brod was a Republican state representative until 2011. She said it’s a good way for lawmakers to talk about issues and share ideas.

“Nothing ALEC could possibly do could pass legislation through a legislature. Only legislators can do that,” Brod said. “And if the legislators are of the like mind of ALEC, something might pass. If they’re not, they won’t. I’m fascinated by this idea that ALEC has a stranglehold on legislatures, because they simply don’t.”

Here’s another ALEC member, Republican state representative and chocolate zombie bunny Steve Drazkowski, who not only reiterates fellow ALEC member Brod’s proclamation of ALEC’s powerlessness, but doubles down with a lie to boot:

“I am a member of ALEC as I am a member of a good number of organizations that align with the type of legislative outlook that I have and that match the values of the folks in my district,” Drazkowski explained.

Nevertheless, Drazkowski said he’s never introduced ALEC bills, and said he didn’t get language for his “right-to-work” bill from the group. Rather, he said he found it on the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s website, a right-leaning think-tank in Michigan. Legal analyst Patrick Wright, who wrote the model bill in 2007 when Michigan was mulling a similar constitutional amendment, said he tweaked language from an Oklahoma law that effectively did the same thing.

“Never introduced ALEC bills”? Ahem. Here’s what sharp-eyed journalist Sally Jo Sorensen of Bluestem Prairie has to say about that:

Mother Jones reports in Michigan’s Hostile Takeover:

The Mackinac Center is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a clearinghouse for pro-business state legislation. (Its model bills have been linked to Arizona’s anti-immigration law and Wisconsin and Ohio’s collective bargaining bans.) James Hohman, the center’s assistant director of fiscal policy, was one of 40 private-sector representatives at an ALEC conference in December 2010 where, according to minutes from the closed-door meeting, participants hammered out model legislation that would align public- and private-sector pay and restructure state pensions. (Jonathan Williams, ALEC’s tax and fiscal policy director, did not respond to requests for comment.)

So an ALEC legislative member just happens to find an ALEC model bill on the website of a think tank that’s an institutional member of ALEC.

It’s a good thing that Steve Drazkowski–who authored HF3830, Minnesota’s copycat-bill of ALEC’s anti-immigrant SB1070–is here to assure us that there’s no connection with ALEC in any of his legislation.


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