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Would You Rather…?

According to Lies Of Sarah Palin author Geoffrey Dunn, his moose-hunting muse is harboring the fantasy that she will magically emerge from a brokered convention as the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee.  He may be right, but I’m pretty sure Palin isn’t.  As crazy and desperate for star power as the GOP may be, I just don’t think they’re that crazy, at least not yet.

It does raise an interesting question, though: Would you rather have Sarah Palin running for president with a high probability of humiliating defeat and a slim chance of victory, or Mitt Romney running with a pretty good chance of making a strong showing and possibly even winning?

And more generally: Would you rather have a GOP that goes so far off the conservative deep end that it implodes and becomes a powerless fringe party, or a GOP that pulls itself back from the brink and starts moving back towards the center?  Not necessarily to the center, just away from the Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh/Tea Party alternate reality where Republican electeds all live now.

As satisfying as the demise of the GOP would be, I think I have to root for the second scenario: If the Republicans moved leftward, the Democratic Party as a whole would have to do the same to maintain some semblance of brand differentiation.  But if the Republican Party collapsed completely, I’m afraid the Democrats would eagerly rush in to fill the vacuum – the ones that aren’t there already, that is.

But your mileage may vary.  Which would you rather, and why?

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