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I would prefer to vote for a socialist or Marxist for president— BUT…

This is in response to another post by WendyDavis here on FiredogLake:

It would make a lot more sense for these socialists to become part of a united slate with a unity ticket of Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein while pushing for socialist solutions to problems along with initiating a debate around capitalism versus socialism as part of the campaign.

Both Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson are speaking to the issues and problems in a way any socialist should be able to support in an attempt to break us free from Wall Street’s two-party trap.

These socialist parties can’t be expected to give up their campaigns under their own party labels without getting something in return so both Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein have some responsibility to initiate discussions with them to see what it would take to bring them into their campaigns.

At this point, my own personal feeling is that the longer these people take in trying to work through their differences the more I feel like not supporting any of them although at this point my inclination is to support and vote for Rocky Anderson should he attain ballot status here in Minnesota.

This campaign can pretty much be broken down to three issues that really matter to a wide swath of liberal, progressive and left voters:

1. Peace; end the wars.

2. Jobs for all at real living wages.

3. Real health care reform; some kind of single-payer or a public health care system— probably a combination of both. Primary care through public health care; all other more complicated and complex health care delivered through single-payer.

It is kind of pathetic liberals, progressives and the left with things in the state they are in this country can’t force these non-monopoly/non-Wall Street candidates to come together as part of some kind of united slate or united ticket on these most basic issues.

None of them alone have any kind of national or even regional bases of support— at best they have some local or state bases of support from which they could run their candidates for local and state offices while projecting support for a national slate or ticket.

All these candidates mentioned here get upset when they don’t get our support— but, where is their responsibility to work in a way where we can all make gains together?

I don’t understand why FireDogLake is so fixated on how bad the Republicans are. The people who come to this site for sure don’t need to be convinced how rotten and bad these Republicans are.

FDL with its vast membership could be the base for fostering grassroots political activity where liberals, progressives and the left need to be— in the neighborhoods, places of work and on the college campuses pushing a “break free from Wall Street’s two-party trap” because there are alternatives.

WendyDavis has provided the names of ALL the candidates at a national level FDL should be focused on. Anything discussion about the Republicans and the Democrats should be in relation to the five candidates mentioned here— these are OUR candidates; we won’t be voting for any of the Republicans or Obama, right?


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Alan Maki

Alan Maki