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Because who knows more about birth control

Than those who are supposed to be celibate?

As part of their intensely focused effort to repeal the Obama administration’s new contraception coverage policy, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a manifesto of sorts on Wednesday, in which they assert that birth control is “ubiquitous and inexpensive.”

It is?

Well sure, if you get it as part of the health insurance you pay premiums for it can usually be rather manageable…

oh, right…

“The Bishops have doubled-down on demands allowing employers to deny women coverage for contraception based on the employer’s, not the woman’s, personal beliefs,” said ACLU policy counsel Sarah Lipton-Lubet.

Because what really denotes freedom more than having a decision about your life made by someone else, especially your boss?

U-S-A! or something.

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