Virtual Manhood Is Better Than No Manhood At All

Wednesday night I stumbled onto a link in a twitter twat from Ben Howe at RedState directing me to…this, which is essentially some nutter pointing out that Sandra Fluke’s boyfriend (the would be the same boyfriend that the oily residue left behind by Andrew Breitbart, by which I mean Dana Loesch, said should pay for Fluke’s slutty-sex contraception)…anyway, according to our intrepid blogger this boyfriend comes from a long line of jewy Jews from Jew York and also: Jew.

Yes. Someone went there.

Erik Loomis at LG&M breaks it down for you if you don’t want to get out of the boat and get any on you.

After sharing the link to this very serious, thoughtful argument about Jew/Catholic sexual congress that has never been made in such detail or with such care on my twitter machine…. all hell kind of broke loose and linking and twittertwatting ruled the night, most of which I missed because I have a life. However upon returning to my computer later in the evening I did notice that the writer of said post did take them time to extend his fond wishes for driving all of that traffic his way.

As in:



There was this one aimed at Steve Silberman who writes for Wired:

…but my personal favorite was:

I can imagine him Travis Bickleing in front of the mirror, practicing saying it:

War. BITCH, GET some (pause…deepen voice) WAR. BITCH, get some (pause, give bad-ass smirk) war bitch, get SOME (use 1000 yard stare been practicing on the cat) war HOMESLICE, yeah, I said it, muth-a-fuck-a… (too ethnic)… WAR. Bitch. get some. (Okay, that’s it, but without the giggle at the end).

And Andrew Malcolm wonders why dirty hippies don’t engage on the internets.

The good news is that most conservative bloggers are staying clear of this guy realizing that this type of creepiness may not be conducive to The Cause. And I say “most” because, well, some just can’t help themselves from retweeting this kind of crap:

Well played, CNN.

Also. WAR. Too.

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