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State sponsored violence against young people, the poor, minorities, immigrants and women is on the rise.

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And those who give a damn about democracy should care enough to speak up.

In an article written by Henry A. Giroux, he writes: “Young people are demonstrating all over the world against a variety of issues ranging from economic injustice and massive inequality to drastic cuts in education and public services. At the moment, these demonstrations are being met with state-sanctioned violence and insults in the mainstream media rather than with informed dialogue, critical engagement and reformed policies. In the United States, the state monopoly on the use of violence has intensified since the 1980s and, in the process, has been increasingly directed against young people, poor minorities, immigrants and increasingly women.  . . ”  Source

I agree with Mr. Giroux, a writer I admire, however, while state sponsored violence against young people, the poor, minorities, immigrants and women may be on the rise, we need to remember that it has always been firmly in place and the investor class as well as at least 95% of Congress and the media (who belong to the same class) have nurtured this violence against people from the majority who get in the way of their greed since the foundation of this nation.  And state sponsored violence and the willful blindness of those we send to Washington is not only manifested by police in riot gear shooting our young people as they did at Kent State and as they continue to do so today.  it is also manifested in other ways–ways that we often don’t hear of until years later.  Medical experiments conducted on human beings–American citizens without their knowledge, much less permission–that’s another form of state-sponsored violence against the majority.  Deliberately setting up conditions with their globalization schemes whereby the only hope for a job for young people is to join the repressive military who carry out the missions of the investor class.  There, like Pavlovian dogs, they are stripped of any shred of humanity and turned into killing machines.


Yes, We should all be concerned and the most significant thing that we can do about it is to stop voting for the rich investor class that we send to Washington year after year because they are the ones who profit from this corrupt evil crony system. They have no motivation to change it.  In fact, as long as we continue to vote for them, we can expect more of the same and it makes little difference if they are democrats or republicans–a fact that most Americans still don’t seem to grasp.

Turn your backs on them all, America–all of them–as they have turned their backs on us.  Don’t even try to compete in their arena.  If you do, then you will either lose, or worse, become one of them.



Please start the buzz now and perhaps other people will follow.  There is currently one candidate for the US Congress who is not fashioning her campaign after any other candidate in the USA.  Her name is Emma Berry.  She is running for US Congress to represent the people of the 32nd District of Texas–a district where over 200,000 children live below the poverty line while their current US Representative, Pete Sessions, holds fundraisers in expensive ski resorts in Park City Utah–just like all the other members of Congress and even the President and those who would be President with their $5,000 plate dinners and $250 cocktail parties.  Who among the majority can afford that?   They should all be ashamed of themselves for what they do.  They have all lost sight of the how the majority of us live.

Here is Emma Berry’s idea of fund raising and campaign strategy.  It is called “Common Decency and Compassion for the People I Promise to Represent in Washington DC.”  It is called:  ”Coming together to stop them.”  It is called “All for One and One for All”–not “Me First” or “Money First.”  It is called “Reach out to your neighbor.”  It’s called “Do the right thing.”  But it’s not called “Give me money so I can beat the ‘bad’ guy.”

Unlike the rest of them, I will not be taking a cent from anyone for my campaign, not do I have some vast personal fortune that I will be pouring into my campaign.  I may be asking for volunteers to walk my district with me in May to gather signatures on my petition to get my name on the ballot as an Independent candidate for the 32nd District of Texas, and I will be asking this of the people in my district  as I walk through my district asking for signatures on my petition for ballot:

If you want me for your representative then this is what you must do:

1. Make two homemade yard signs that say:  ”I stand with Emma Berry for the 32nd District” or whatever you want to say about voting for Emma Berry.

2. Put one in your yard and then tell your neighbor about me and give them a sign to put in their yard.  Tell them to pass it on.

3. Instead of donating money to my campaign, do something to improve the 32nd district.  it doesn’t have to be donating money.  You can pick up trash in a local park.  You can visit a nursing home and cheer up a lonely person.  You can volunteer in a homeless shelter.  And don’t just do it once, make that a daily weekly or monthly part of your life ongoing for our district.

4. Write to me and tell me what you have done.  Tell me your story of how you have made the 32nd district better.

AND ABOVE ALL ELSE:  BELIEVE!  IMAGINE THAT IS POSSIBLE!   BECAUSE IT IS.  Yes you can send a candidate to the US Congress who does not play their money game.  All it takes is your vote–not your money or anyone’s money.  Just your vote.


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Liz Berry

Liz Berry