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News Video:Is Iran Plotting Attacks in the United States?

Ben Swann gets into the facts surrounding the claim that Iran is MORE likely to strike US now. It is nice to hear someone is reporting the facts related to this issue, rather than just opinion. Swann does the best fact based reporting on a host of important/neglected issues. Nobody has come close to defining the NDAA indefinite detention provisions, who was the main sponsor and the hypocrisy involved. On assassinations of american citizens, you need to see his reporting.
Now more than ever we need to support these reporters who stand up to the more war, bomb Iran movement. Iran has not attacked any country in over 200 hundred years. We threaten them on a daily basis and have sent word through the Russians that not doing what we demand wil bring war on them by years end.
There is a huge amount of activism on bomb-Iran side of this equation, and what amazes me is that it is not washed away by a tsunami of fuck that are you insane? At this level of active opposition the war is a given. See: Iraq,Libya
We so seldom get a look inside Iran, this very well made documentary showing Iran, Iranians demonstrates how much like us they are. send it to a couple friends.

Dont tell my mother I am in Iran, A documentary about our Iranian brothers and sisters

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