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Ken Hutcherson Thinks Horses Can Consent to Marriage

Dr. Ken Hutcherson apparently thinks that horses can consent to marriage. Hutcherson is a Seattle-area pastor and official spokesperson for the Initiative 1192 campaign to reinstate a ban on civil marriage for same-sex couples in Washington state. In a recent blog post, Hutcherson opined (emphasis added):

With petitions circulating for an initiative and a referendum regarding “gay marriage,” I thought it would be time to speak up. While gay marriage is a noble cause, it’s just a shame that such a narrow and restrictive law has been passed by the legislature and governor, whatever the people might think. I mean, it’s high time that we were more inclusive – it’s more than high time. So many citizens are being left out in the cold, excluded from all the approbation and privileges that go along with being married. Their civil rights are being trampled upon, and they suffer constant discrimination.

I am speaking, of course, of a person who has an emotionally sensitive and caring personal and sexual relationship with their horse. There is absolutely no reason in the world why they should not be able to marry, growing up as they do in a society that says it truly promotes equality.

Contrary to what Hutcherson says, there absolutely are reasons why a person cannot marry a horse, among them being that horses don’t have the ability to consent to marriage or any other legal contract.

The sarcastic tone of the post indicates that Hutcherson actually knows that horses can’t consent to legal contracts, but he’s is feigning ignorance because it allows him to compare civil marriage for same-sex couples to bestiality. He’s made this comparison before.

Would Jesus pretend to be ignorant in order to defame and dehumanize others? The anti-gay animus must be strong indeed in anyone preferring to look ignorant in order to meet that goal. Especially in one who uses the honorific “Dr.”.

Here is a pdf of Hutcherson’s blog post for posterity, since he habitually erases past posts.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer