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Keith Olberman, Today’s “Worst Persons”


ok KEITH…. So you want to raise the bar of standards of behavior so as neither to demean nor denigrate others as show of class and civility i suppose. So as not to draw fire as if you are afraid of drawing fire? Or maybe you figure that the equivalency of apples and oranges can be made if you simple peel away the skins. Or better, since some right wing hissy throws a fit when the adult in the room is correcting a bad behavior means the adult is throwing a fit? A bully’s coward’s con game? When said fit is also packed with lies and is intended to take advantage of or hurt innocent persons?

yeah right. And while doing so you can then acknowledge, in some fashion of another, all those who object to the ill wild reckless and no-matter-what unclassy and ‘worstly‘ behavior of republican groupees who will do anything for money then, shall have to be called out on those grounds – if at all.

great. So you get to pretend that the childish behaviors of evil children in positions of power and authority can simply be overlooked?

really. Thus you could do the old DO BEE AND DONT BEE and waggle a finger at them for being – not bad – but perhaps forgiveable impertinent as if they actually might learn from such high minded graciousness. Never mind that it didnt work on the front lines on the beaches of normandy. Or anywhere in vietnam. Nope. We can simply dismiss those bad boys as boys being boys?

wow. Look at it this way. All the good behavior without the slings and arrows will have everyone else a cut below making the almost santorum-styled-goodiness a thing of beauty. I mean, who can criticize that? What with so many cussing disgruntled disappointed heathens about they might just straighten up be be so good and nice that it just might be a third party!

not. Selfrighteousness is not a virtue anyway. I mean, isnt cutting people up for what they are a form of humbleness where you feel so low that even the bad guys look good?

no. Or how about after you show them for what they are you immediately come back with praise for something they did good for someone- no matter how selfish the action. Never questioning their motive. That might be nice. Or, you could praise them for their evil deeds with a smile at how you are wondering what masterpiece of goodness they are doing and you are too stupid to figure it out – thats humble. Humbleness is good. Leading by example you know.

eh. That all gets so…. complicated. and perhaps a bit insincere and sarcastic. It gets like…. mushy. admit it. You must be saying that not pointing out the likes of adolf hitler, or mubarek, or gadhafi or bashar al-assad is not worth doing because.., because.., because….. people already know it. and that shoud be good enough, right?

its “extended self” defence. Pointing out worst persons is not mean spirited, nor derogatory, nor hateful. Telling the truth to point out the actions of evildoers who seek to target others and poison good relationships, is justly DEFENCE OF THE INNOCENT PEOPLE THAT CAN BE HURT BY THEIR ACTIONS. What the worst persons is, WORST CASE SCENARIO, is, like they say in baseball – and you oughta know….. HEADS UP!!

worst persons. So today you get the honors. For better or for worst, i shall, with some regret, nominate you today as “Worst Persons” for running out on all those others who cannot defend themselves as well as you can defend them.

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