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IPViking – Botnets for Bankers?

What would you think of a technology company that can do the following (emphasis added):

• Integrated blocklist functionality into any online media that interacts with an end user to validate the given credentials

Advanced API functionality allows for checking an address against our blocklists to gain detailed intelligence – including the specific transaction that resulted in the block

Advanced geolocation filtering with advanced rules and policy creation tools able to filter down to zip codes and cities around the world

Complete risk assessment of an IP address based on historical and current (delay of only microseconds) activity.

An accurate reputation score and detailed assessment of an IP address, based on fresh records and advanced algorithms

Ability to use the API to retrieve seals that the IPViking API is in use by an address

Submit your findings that our system will traverse and analyze with a response in seconds – helping mitigate attacks and other malicious activity.
For the first time in history, we offer community-driven clearinghouse features where IPViking will analyze public submissions of potential threats. Analysis and response will be provided seconds after submission. This feature mitigates potential high-risk and zero-day threats for many industries.

I am in favor of secure payment systems, but I am not sure I like this approach. At all.

Just what exact algorithms do they use to make this “reputation” file. They have a demo page that shows what sort of results they produce that’s not in the above video.

This is a small but quickly growing company. They have all sorts of computing capacity as you can tell from the video. And they’ve just lured a big name from the payments industry to join their board. O.B. Rawls is leaving FirstData, a huge player in payments industry.

And from what I can tell, but not positive,  of the IPViking API, a company who hires a payment vendor who is using that API, wouldn’t necessarily know from their submission to the payment vendor that their customer IPs were being scoured, ranked and repped in such a manner.

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield