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A Muddied Soul

It’s fun getting to the edge and not knowing what to do. This edge can be a floor board, a pine tree, sometimes even a crying baby. The edge that I speak of is more of a river shore, built of stones resembling that which your ego processes and pushes down life’s river. The river being your light within, the free flow of spirituality, pushing those egotistical tags and labels aside.

These lines divide us and our perceptions and how we look out upon the world. We can see a miserable world, we can see the homeless, the poor, the murder, the greed on the streets, but yet we’re trained to look at this, focus on these “bad” labels and become captive to their gravitational tug on our spirits, damming this river with our own panic.

In these times, it’s easy to get sucked below the dam and spit out, trudging through muddied waters, clothes torn, shivering to the bone, and yet you don’t know where you are….alone in the woods with only the deafening roar of a dam’s purge in the distant night. At that exact moment where all is lost, all is dark, nothing exists except a small flicker within, an understanding. Welcome to the shore of spirituality. I apologize for the difficulty you went through, but it was what your soul wanted you to experience in order to learn, in order to get here. Those steps were necessary, yes even those stumbling ones where you nearly cracked your skull, hell we may all have a tiny crack in our forehead, but it’s ok, because we’re here, we made it.

Thousands of people pro-created to push this little seed of soul into you. Think about that for awhile. I’m going to take a little trip back in time for a second to shed a little light on why there are two classes of people, in this day and age, people call it the 1% vs. the 99%. We are one however, but I think this little story will shine a beam under these velvet curtains.

We were hunters, we were gatherers. Once we figured out how to plant our food, we decided to nestle down near some water, and enjoy the sun’s gifts, grow our gardens and have our food here, from the Earth. The divide in humanity’s perception happened once we found out we were actually growing more food than we could consume. We had a surplus. Holy hell, what do we do with all this food? Enter stage left, group of people that were not farmers….”Hey I see you have some extra food there, I admire your farming techniques, and I thank you for feeding our village, but hey listen, there’s a threat, that village over the hill will come during the night and take your extra food.” And as they leaned in closer, ” I better watch over that stuff for you, you know, to make things safe, your future safe, you know, from all those bastard hooligans three fields over.”

And thus, royalty’s seed was planted, a group of people whose only job was to watch and guard over food. Down the river of this thought paradigm, of course government sprung and in turn we pay people to watch over our food for the sake of our safety, from…….from…..those dudes over the hill over there, you can’t see them, but my God are they there, and man, they are truly pissed……you’ve never seen someone so angry at the fact that you’re alive!!!

You know I wonder, I wonder if say in today’s world, we had not had that split in humanity, and instead the farmers were the ones who looked after the community, in terms of health and healing. Growing those lovely plants that are one conversion away from the sun’s pure energy. I also wonder if I’d be in the other group, the non-farmers, bitching over the farmers because man, they’re so nice, they give us food, teach us their ways, share in the Earth because there really is no such thing as “private property.” Just to be different, just to set a current through the masses….I don’t know, but what I do know, is that I have a passion for looking upon society from a detached point of view, regardless of why history was created and what the history “really” is, we are here, and yet we have quite the wonderful adversary. Ourselves. Only then will we know, by touching the strings within that resonate what our song truly is and how it weaves through others. I think of it as all being in a band, just jammin’, letting go, not looking at a small little white wand waving around in the air, controlled by some slick Rick on a podium, but rather focusing on our own tune, and how it slowly melts into the other surrounding songs, constantly evolving.

Species don’t evolve over a long period of time, they evolve suddenly, without warning, like one day waking up with wings…..a true feathered bed, out of nowhere…..but out of somewhere because you know you’ve always dreamed it……

“It’s not the stars that create the light, but rather the light that creates the stars.” -Don Miguel Ruiz from Toltec’s ancient wisdom….

Genius is the ability to look at a problem and come up with an endless amount of solutions……I wonder how many options we’ve thought of to any of our problems. I think deep down I’m waiting for Obama to come out and say, “Good morning America, I am deeply sorry for the road I have taken you all down, but it is a product of this system, the lobbyists, the money, the bankers, the war profiteers, all of it, and to this I am here to tell you today that they will no longer control our destiny as a human race, for it is not a race that we are in, but a space, and to be in this space peacefully is where I believe we should start. So today I want to apply the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the way that it says, the people have the right to throw their corrupted government out, and start anew, a fresh page with which to write upon.”

I would think Obama would be ok with this seeing that he wants everyone to forget about that whole 2008 thingy. That little guy? Don’t worry about that little guy…..

The road continues, and our searches are not in vain as long as we continue to listen to these soft whispers that resonate from our soul’s shore. Always believe in yourself, the doubt that comes into your mind has been a plant since your birth. Society likes to pound you into submission, hold you in doubt. Rise up, we’re all waiting.


All the love.


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