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Is Kony 2012 a Psy-Op to get Obama 2012 elected?

Today I posted a diary about Black Agenda Report’s new article, Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony (2012) is Phony

While writing my last comment, something gelled in my mind. It had bothered me that the Kony 2012 video somehow believed that 100 US servicemen would get the job done. That seems too little, if you have a deadline of 1 year, and your target supposedly commands 30,000 armed militants. But it also seems way to little to constitute a serious escalation of US involvement in Africa (never mind whether us elite imperialsts need such a ploy, at all. Africa in not on most Americans mental map. I believe this is also true of the vast majority of African-Americans. Most Americans, regardless of their race, pretty much forget about their country of origin by the 3rd or 4th generation.). Hence, BAR’s theory strikes me as implausible:

Actually, I had a brainstorm as I was writing this. Kony 2012 may have a very different main purpose than what BAR has suggested. Maybe the real purpose is to help Obama get re-elected. Note that BAR calls it a “warmongering hoax”. However, as I recall, the Kony 2012 author only called for 100 people. You can’t fight a “war” with only 100 people.

OTOH, remember how Obama’s approval ratings jumped when Bin Laden was (supposedly) killed. And, recall how the people in the Kony 2012 people were mostly young white people – a key demographic in the selling of Obama in 2008.

So, I’m thinking that Obama’s ‘October Surprise’ will be capturing/killing Kony, which will make young white dudes and dudesses get all squishy about Obama, by the millions. Hope and change, 2012!! With any luck, they’ll corral their parents into voting for their hero.

So, that my latest conspiracy theory! What do you guys think?

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