Forced Pregnancy Guy Experiences Frighteningly Swift Mood Swings

“Hilarious” baby video sends Justin Miller into a deep dark well of shame and sadness and despair and existential dread:

I received a forward from a friend at work the other day that contained a link. No description, just a blank email with a link. Here and there I get forwards from this friend and thought it’s probably another puppy playing or a funny home video clip. You know, something that stirs up a “thought giggle” – when you think, “ha, that’s funny” without really changing facial expression and then you close it out and continue on checking email. So, in order to avoid the awkwardness of not knowing what my friend is talking about when she cracks a joke referring to something that happened in the video, I click on the link to watch it.

A video starts to load and a baby is seen sitting in a bouncy seat conveying a serious, somewhat fearful look. Then, someone behind the camera makes a noise and the baby rolls over in uncontrolled hysterical laughter. I don’t usually laugh out loud at many forwards, but I exploded when watching it. The video had millions of views. After my co-workers asked me if I was alright after hearing my uncontrolled chuckles, I started to calm down and my smile started to fade as I started to think how it’s legal to kill babies if the procedure is done a mere months before the age of the babies in the video.

I sometimes feel that way after watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and then I start wondering how different his life would have been had he been adopted by Joseph Kony instead.

Fortunately by the time the commercials are over and Major Dad comes on, I’m cool again….

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