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Anti-Occupy Bill (H.R. 347) Unanimously Passed and Signed By POTUS

In their zeal to dismantle the Constitution, this Bill (H.R. 347) passed the House 388-3, the Senate unanimously, and was signed into law by POTUS and Constitutional lawyer Obama on March 7th. This is a direct assault on freedom of assembly. This bill essentially makes it a crime to not only protest outside of the White House or Capital Building, but protesting at a campaign appearance if the Secret Service is there.

Not only is this bill an assault on the First Amendment, it is also an assault on the Second Amendment as anyone arrested under this law and is carrying a fire arm can be imprisioned for up to ten years. (see emphasized sections below).

I also find it interesting that Obummer signed this on “Super Tuesday” so no one would be paying attention. Following is the entire text of the Bill. See more details and analysis at Open Congress.

One  Hundred Twelfth Congress of  the United States of America


Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday, the  third day of January, two thousand and twelve

An  Act: To correct and simplify the drafting of section 1752  (relating to restricted buildings or grounds) of title 18, United States Code. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of  Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Federal Restricted  Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011’’.


Section 1752 of title 18, United States Code, is  amended to read as follows:

‘‘§ 1752. Restricted building or grounds

‘‘(a) Whoever—

‘‘(1) knowingly enters or remains in any restricted  building or grounds without lawful authority to do so;

‘‘(2) knowingly, and with intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions, engages in disorderly or disruptive conduct in, or within such proximity to, any  restricted building or grounds when, or so that, such conduct, in fact, impedes  or disrupts the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions;

‘‘(3) knowingly, and with the intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions, obstructs or impedes ingress or egress to or from any restricted building or grounds; or

‘‘(4) knowingly engages in any act of physical violence  against any person or property in any restricted building or grounds; or  attempts or conspires to do so, shall be punished as provided in subsection  (b).

‘‘(b) The punishment for a violation of subsection (a)  is—

‘‘(1) a fine under this title or imprisonment  for not more than 10 years, or both, if—

‘‘(A) the person, during and in relation to the offense, uses or carries a deadly or dangerous weapon or firearm; or

‘‘(B) the offense results in  significant bodily injury as defined by section 2118(e)(3); and

‘‘(2) a fine  under this title or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both, in any

‘‘(1) the term ‘restricted  buildings or grounds’ means any posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted  area—

‘‘(A) of the White House or its  grounds, or the Vice President’s official residence or its grounds;

‘‘(B) of a building or grounds  where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting; or

‘‘(C) of a building or grounds so restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of  national significance; and

‘‘(2) the term ‘other person protected by the Secret Service’ means any person whom the United States Secret Service is authorized to protect under section 3056 of this title or by Presidential memorandum, when such person has not declined such protection.’’.

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