Audri Clemmons is seven years old. And Audri Clemmons is AWESOME! From the youtube description:

Audri would like to say thanks for all the encouraging comments. He is 7 years old and he can read so please keep it positive. Audri’s inspiration comes from Bill Nye, Beakman, the Mythbusters, and Joseph Herscher. He was especially inspired to make this video after seeing OK GO’s This Too Shall Pass

This kid is a jewel. How aware of reality to plan for initial failures, but ultimate achievement! Did I say Audri was AWESOME?!?!

Great parents too, I might add. They’re moderating comments (who can blame them – it’s youtube!) but dropping a positive one might get you some good karma points. I left: “Most excellent – You’re an awesome kid. Build another one!”

Which he probably will. He made hist first simple one when he was five:

(h/t Ellie – Queen of Video and Virtual Cupcakery)

Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield