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WATCH: Wake County Board Chair ignores citizens speaking to him about Amendment One

Bigoted NC politicians can no longer hide, though Wake County Board Chairman Paul Coble (@PaulCobleNC), tried mightily to do so during a recent public hearing for a resolution he proposed in support of Amendment One.  Just watch this video, “Paul Coble: Out of the Closet,” by Eric Preston.

On February 20th, 2012 the Wake County Board of Commissioners met in Raleigh, North Carolina. On the agenda were a Sustainability Task Force Report and a resolution supporting Amendment One, a proposed constitutional amendment being voted on this May 8th, 2012 restricting the rights of minority couples in the state. Commission Chairman Paul Coble was responsible for placing the resolution on the commission’s agenda which resulted in a meeting room packed with citizens, including pastors, mothers and students, many of who spoke before the commission pleading for simple human rights and equality in the state. But as you will see in this disheartening 20 minute video, Chairman Coble blatantly ignores citizens as they speak to him. Witness as heartfelt pleas sadly fall on deaf ears as Coble and fellow Republican Commissioners Phil Matthews, Joe Bryon and Tony Gurley make it their job to not only snub their own Wake County residents, but to impede the human and constitutional rights of all North Carolina citizens to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

When the resolution passed, this is what he posted on his Facebook page:

“Marriage = One Man + One Woman. I am proud to stand and defend Amendment One and Traditional Marriage whenever detractors come calling.”

The Independent Weekly scorched Coble – it’s no surprise where the bigotry comes from:

Until last week, would-be congressman Paul Coble’s political career could be dismissed as a colorless copy of his uncle, the late Jesse Helms.
He’s the same right-wing conservative, but without Helms’ penchant—or knack—for hot-button crusades. Helms, a five-term U.S. senator, had his trademark snarl and bite. Coble, in his years on the Raleigh City Council and now as chair of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, has relied on a closed-mouth scowl, signaling his interest or distaste for what others are saying with an almost imperceptible relaxing or tightening of his jaw.

…Of late, Coble has been brushing up on the Helms brand of provocative paranoid politics. Thus, Coble orchestrated a 4-3 vote by the Wake commissioners in favor of adding the discriminatory Amendment 1 to the state constitution. The four Republicans members all voted yes; the three Democrats were opposed.


Meanwhile, the town of Chapel Hill didn’t miss a beat in condemning the ballot initiative, coming out strong against the discriminatory measure that would eliminate the local government’s ability to provide domestic partner benefits for its unmarried public employees, something Chapel Hill does now. NC Policy Watch’s Progressive Pulse Blog:

“It took the Chapel Hill Town Council less than 30 seconds Monday evening to pass a resolution urging North Carolina voters to vote against the proposed marriage discrimination amendment on May 8th. The Council’s resolution notes that proposed amendment would only serve to ‘express hostility against a minority group’ and could invalidate benefits the town currently offers to employees who are in a domestic partnership.”

Resolution Excerpt:

“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Town of Chapel Hill that the Council urges North Carolina voters to vote against the proposed amendment on May 8, 2012 and affirms its commitment to equal rights and opportunities for Town employees and for all residents of Chapel Hill.”

Watch Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt lead:

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