War On Women: The Cartooning (updated)

While Conservatives continue their War On Vaginas with feral scrapbooking mom  Dana Loesch leading the way, Garry Trudeau fights back in a manner that upsets the delicate sensibilities of several newspapers across the country:

A national syndicate will offer replacement “Doonesbury” comic strips to newspapers that don’t want to run a series that uses graphic imagery to lampoon a Texas law requiring women to have an ultrasound before an abortion, executives said Friday.

A handful of newspapers say they won’t run next week’s series, while several others said the strips will move from the comics to opinion pages or websites only. Many already publish the strip by cartoonist Garry Trudeau, whose sarcastic swipes at society’s foibles have a history of giving headaches to newspaper editors, on editorial pages.


The comic strips feature a woman who goes to an abortion clinic and is confronted by several people who suggest she should be ashamed. Among them is a doctor who reads a script on behalf of Texas Gov. Rick Perry welcoming her to a “compulsory transvaginal exam,” and a middle-aged legislator who calls her a “slut.”

One panel equates the invasive procedure to rape and describes the device used to perform it as a “10-inch shaming wand.”

The complete series  of the Doonesbury Rape Wand of Freedom strips can be found at Gawker which the Poughkeepsie Journal had online as a pdf earlier today but has now been taken down. have been taken down by everyone, but I hear you can read them here.

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