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Mittens flushes millions down the crapper for losses in MS and AL

We know that Mitt Romney, since he’s a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, wasn’t high when he said on camera that he was going to win Alabama’s primary.

And he surely wasn’t on mind-altering substances when he brashly insisted that Rick Santorum was “at the desperate end of his campaign,” suggesting that the homo-hating former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania just won’t obtain the number of delegates to win the nomination (and thus, he should get out of the race, one assumes).

Well how do you explain this, Mittens? What substances were you on?

Santorum wins Alabama and Mississippi and Romney was out of the running in both states.

Rick Santorum was projected the winner of the Alabama primary on Tuesday night by NBC News, and not long after projected to finish first in the Mississippi primary by Fox News.

The Yellowhammer State has 50 delegates, 47 of which are bound by the results of the contest. Mississippi has 40 delegates, 37 of which are bound by the results of the primary.

The GOP Clown Car is performing way beyond my expectations in this cycle. When I was watching the exit poll data on CNN before the polls closed and it showed that Mitt Romney couldn’t even win the college-educated vote in Alabama (he did get the >$100K/yr vote and post-grads), that pretty much was the tale of the tape.

When your “front runner” not only doesn’t close the deal in the South but comes in third, that’s f’d. Is anyone of those high-paid Mittens advisers going to get the boot, because this piss-poor, laughable work is just the gift that keeps on giving. This Tweet captured the night it in a nutshell:

RT @chrisharrisks: Romney’s gazillion dollars just lost to a guy whose whole campaign is 4 staffers & a fax machine.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding