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Hacking at Evil

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

– Henry David Thoreau


At times I wonder, do we write for the masses and our audience, or simply just write for ourselves? Should we form our writings and that which cascades from our fingers for a certain audience or to use my super duper advertising degree, a controlled audience, a set of persons aged the same with the same interests?

Sure I think this forum is good for a political grasp on what goes on, but searching further, deeper, I wonder, what system in place harbors such violence and greed? Who are these people that really run the world, really pull the strings…..put simply, can I talk to the Wizard of Oz? Just for a few minutes, just for a couple of questions, I mean if you’re responsible for the outcome of billions of lives, I think maybe just a few answers from you is the least you can do.

Straying from the word “conspiracy” because I know what that does for people’s minds, and that in itself is a conspiracy in its own right….mind control, repetition, propaganda, pink slime, whatever, it’s all pouring out of this source, this sore of humanity.

Digging deeper, the rabbit sure knows how to dig eh? Random thought, I always wanted to be a rabbit in Watership Down, I loved the imagery of this underground network of tunnels, burrows, living rabbits. I digress. This little tidbit was thrown in there to keep you from wandering away. Our attention span has been getting hacked at for centuries.

Going on to the source. Resource. Now that’s not a crazy leap of faith is it? Watching financial “wizards” take physical resources for worthless paper, now that to me is a wonderful feat of self delusion. Hi, my name is Bill, I work in financial wizardry, and no matter what happens, however much “The Fed” floods the money supply with worthless paper in order to dilute the value of buying power for the world….I will continue to persuade myself that I must put bread on the table with a side of the Cayman Islands for dessert, and if I don’t take advantage of the system, someone will surely take my place. The great tool of despair and scarcity.

I’m reminded of a Harriet Tubman quote, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

So is it this acknowledgement that must occur before we can start talking about the root of all our problems? Or is it easier to just look at what went wrong, how we got here, and where to go from here?

There is a growing awareness, whether I’m the first to advise you of the presence, or the 3,094th person, it is coming, and this portal of electronic pixels in the form of information will not be halted. Open your mind and let go. Let go of your materialistic possessions, open your hands so that you can receive, be the light within, that which is calling you to look deeper within yourself. We can always float on the surface in this political forum, or we can take a dive into this deep blue existence that beckons the betterment of ourselves.

It was a close call, that whole New World Order thing, that whole corporate America ideal that influenced all, but rather no more. Thank you governmental society for growing me to this point, I will always remember where I came from and those lessons you have deeply engrained into my soul, I do not blame anyone, but from this day on, I know, I will be that light within, and I will watch in joy as those around me free themselves from their own mental slavery….thank you Bob.

We write for ourselves, to let that voice out, that voice that doesn’t speak.

I would like to thank the oil industry for making this message possible.

I would also like to thank in advance the scientists that are inventing free energy or already have, but their voices can’t be written, for they are entrenched in a warehouse waiting for the light, your light.

Don’t be afraid, you’re only dreaming.

All the love and then some to you.



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