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What ever happened too ………….

Street Art

Street Art – Flicker Creative Commons

Remember those whatever became of things. We see them still sometimes but they’re usually about people and things we didn’t care about originally. Well here is one of mine.

What ever happened to …….

Street Art. Creative murals and artwork on the sides of buildings and barns and sometimes even houses.  Some were very good and took quite a bit of talent.

Music you could sing along with and dance to. Songs with a message that was inspirational rather than just angry or depressing. Where the “music” did not drown out the words.

Politicians with actual passion.  Like the Kennedy’s or Humphrey or Sam Nun. Now we have people who are more like the Harvard Law Professor whose class you have to suffer through because it’s required and he/she is the only one who teaches it.

Our sense of humor. Humorists like Stan Freberg, Mort Saul, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin. People who were actually witty and smart and informed. Our ability to laugh at ourselves rather than at others while taking ourselves far too seriously.

Craftsmanship.  The desire to actually do a good job and pay attention to the details and honing ones skills.

Creativity. Most things now seem like a mediocre version of what has gone before.

These are but a few of the things we seem to have lost.


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