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Running with the Dogs of Counter-Revolution

The “running dogs of counter-revolutionary Trotsky-fascism” cannot survive in real life and that’s why this internet-incubated breed remains strictly an anonymous, online phenomenon.

Lacking in historical perspective, thoroughly reliant on a limited (and fast-shrinking) diet of googled sources which they believe (often wrongly) support their manichean viewpoints, the barking grows louder, but in reality, there is no bite forthcoming.

Certain characteristics of this mindset, at least the US version, include:

Arab Spring is solely a US-CIA movie production, a conspiracy thriller, whipped up by the jewish cabal in Hollywood DC to secure the interests of Israel for all time.

OWS is a false-flagged front for the re-election of Barack Obama.

In the case of Arab Spring, a perverse form of realpolitik replaces the dreamy idealism of their own situation at home. Arabs must remain helpless to their miserable fates within the Middle Eastern status quo anywhere that that status quo can be perceived as an “anti-imperialist bulwark.”  State media in Iran, Syria and Russia provide daily sustenance for this perversion.

The Western corporate media is 100% complicit in the conspiracy film, in some cases the media is believed to be the cause of the NATO escalation in Libya, now about to be repeated more vehemently with respect to Syria, which is exactly the same situation as Libya.

They reject Marxism, as well as they believe fervently that all would be OK with the World if only capitalism could be bent and reformed to the vague specifications of a Naderite reformist critique.

Keynes is God. Nothing more need to be said, unless Paul Krugman has anything else to add?

Affirmative action and illegal immigration are attacked using  “common sense” arguments.

They have voted for Ralph Nader the last three US presidential elections and appear to be at a complete loss for 2012, in the absence (apparently) of another Nader campaign.

They chatter on incessantly about electing a third party President in the US, oblivious to the fact that (1) third party movements also require huge resources and complex coalition building in real-life to achieve minimal ballot requirements, much less the critical mass for electoral success and (2) the US political system inevitably rewards third party electoral efforts with the election of the opponent most opposed to the third party’s ideology.

They deny any difference between Democratic and Republican ideology.

Chavez remains a hero but only so long as he continues to support the governments of Iran and Syria.

Putin is a hero but only so long as he continues to support the governments of Iran and Syria.

The prism through which everything in the world must pass is Israel/Palestine, because most if not all these keyboard radicals originally found their online voices arguing endlessly about I/P on one “terrible” progressive website or another, that is, before they were unjustly banned and started on the path of “radicalisation.”

The official enemies list of insufficiently leftist “pro-US imperialists” continues to grow. I dare say that Richard Seymour is or will soon become a fixture of these lists.

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