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Sunday Talking Heads: March 11, 2012

Mini Cinnamon Rolls from

Mmm Good Morning, have a cinnamon roll from Very Culinaryhere’s the recipe, soo easy, soo good.

No surprise there aren’t (m)any women on the majors today – again. As Scarecrow notes: “So, the biggest story of the last two weeks has been the huge backlash against misogynists and anti women legislation, and the corresponding dip in approval for GOP and those waging war on women rights, and so they invite some the nations dumbest men to all their shows. again. All those shows, btw, are sponsored by oil and gas companies, who wouldn’t notice or care about this disconnect.”

Now about those listings: Book Salon today special for you econ geeks, Keynes v Hayek. Virtually Speaking this evening is digby and McJoan. Oh, and this week’s Q&A guest (C-SPAN) will be our guest for FDL’s Book Salon at the end of the month, so tune in for a preview.

Washington Journal.

ABC’s This Week: Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Roundtable: Jake Tapper, Austan Goolsbee, Mary Matalin, Eliot Spitzer, Nicolle Wallace.

CBS’ Face the Nation: Newt Gingrich. Obama campaign advisor Robert Gibbs. Roundtable: Norah O’Donnell, John Dickerson.

Chris Hayes: U.S. / Israel / Palestine relationship – Rula Jebreal (@rulajebreal), contributing writer at Newsweek; Jeremy Ben-Ami (@jeremybenami), founder & president of J Street; Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, president of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees and co-founder of Grassroots International Protection for the Palestinian People and Palestinian National Initiative, joining us from Ramallah, Palestine; Leila Hilal, Middle East analyst at the New America Foundation; Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, founder & president of The Israel Project; Zev Chafets, founding managing editor at The Jerusalem Report and contributor at New York Times Magazine.

Chris Matthews: dunno.

CNN’s State of the Union: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Roundtable: Washington Post’s Dan Balz, The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore, and Former Office of Management and Budget Director Alice Rivlin. Then, the lessons learned from two former Republican Presidential candidates. Dick Gephardt and Steve Forbes.

Fareed Zakaria – GPS: Henry Kissinger. *shudder*

Fox News Sunday: Newt Gingrich. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Roundtable: Dana Perino; Liz Marlantes, Christian Science Monitor; Chip Saltsman, former Huckabee campaign manager; Evan Bayh.

Moyers & Company: Repeat: The revolving door between Washington and Wall Street. Bill talks with David Stockman about ‘crony capitalism’. Also, Gretchen Morgenson on money and politics.

NBC’s Meet the Press: Newt Gingrich (exclusive). Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Chair Democratic National Committee; Reince Priebus, Chair, Republican National Committee. Roundtable: Chuck Todd, NBC News; Mayor Kasim Reed (D), Mayor of Atlanta, GA; Mike Murphy, Republican Strategist; Mark Halperin, Senior Political Analyst, TIME and MSNBC; Savannah Guthrie, NBC News.

Newsmakers: Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), Armed Services Committee Chair. Topics on the program include: the U.S. policy towards Iran, heading off any Iranian further nuclear enrichment programs, U.S. policy regarding Syria and Afghanistan, and the defense budget. The featured reporters are Jim Wolf, a Defense Technology correspondent with Reuters and Jim Michaels, a Military reporter with USA Today.

Q & A: Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and author Tim Weiner discusses his new historical narrative, Enemies: A History of the FBI. The book details the FBI’s 100 year hidden history of war against terrorists, spies, and ultimately any person or group deemed subversive. Weiner reveals details of secretly taped conversations FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had with Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon…

Religion & Ethics.

60 Minutes: The Spymaster Speaks – While the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran becomes an election year issue, the former head of Israel’s intelligence service, Meir Dagan, sits down with Lesley Stahl to discuss the Iranian nuclear question. Teacher to the World – On his educational website, “Khan Academy,” he teaches millions of students across the world each month. Sal Khan’s teaching method has become so effective that it may be the future of American education. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports. Aerosmith – An inside look at how, despite their differences, one of America’s premier rock bands defied age, substance abuse and changing musical tastes to stay together for 40 years. Lara Logan goes on tour with and interviews the members of Aerosmith.

To the Contrary: Topics: Women legislators fight back with bills to require tests for Viagra prescriptions International Women’s Day – Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee on empowerment. King Peggy of Ghana. Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC); Former Judge and Federal Prosecutor Debra Carnahan; Conservative Commentator Tara Setmayer, Kay Coles James, the President and Founder of the Gloucester Institute.

Univision’s Al Punto: Joe Biden, Vice President of The United States; Henrique Capriles Radonski, Venezuelan Opposition presidential candidate, “Mesa de la Unidad”; Margarita Zavala, First Lady of Mexico; Daniela Pelaez, “Dream Act” student who avoided deportation.

Virtually Speaking: digby and Joan McCarter (McJoan) compare their work of the past week to coverage from the corporate media’s Sunday morning talk shows. Listen live and later on BTR.

C-SPAN’s Book TV: Tuscon’s Festival of Books.

FDL’s Book Salon: Keynes Hayek: The Clash that Defined Modern Economics. “Can government fix a broken economy? Two great economists disagreed eighty years ago, and their debate dominates politics to this day.” Chat with Nicholas Wapshott about his new book, hosted by Paul Davidson. 5pm EST.

FDL’s Movie Night Monday:Freedom Is Now is the story of Freedom, Inc., Kansas City’s pioneering African-American political organization. Not only did Freedom, Inc. give many blacks their first taste of politics; for decades it tirelessly fought for self determination for African Americans frustrated with racism and political irrelevancy.” Join director Emiel Cleaver (son of Kansas City’s former mayor) and Lisa Derrick for the discussion. Monday, 8pm EST.

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