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Occupy the Blog! (3/11/2012)

Wow! It has been nearly three weeks since the last Occupy the Blog! diary. While we have reached the doldrums of the winter, the Occupations around the country are still performing their activities, big and small, and making an impact on the world.

Kyushukev has kept us informed about Occupy Nashville here, here, here, and here as they have watched the state legislators pass a bill against camping on state property which the governor then signed. From the last link:

On Friday, 2 March, Governor Bill Haslam signed into law “the measure that makes it illegal for anyone to camp on state-owned land that is not specifically designated for that purpose.” Gov. Haslam also gave Occupy Nashville a seven day notice to leave or face the maximum fines of $2,500 and /or 11 months and 29 days in jail, echoing an earlier comment made by Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey .

Last Saturday, the feeling was that Haslam would act sooner rather than later, but as of today, ON, although reduced to a lone camper and his tent, is still on the Plaza.

Chris Humphrey has decided to sacrifice himself to test the new law. “I believe in going hard or going home, and I ain’t got a home.” He added that, “If I have to sit in there, I’ll sit in there for a year or six months,” he said. “I’ve been here for five months. I’ve been through tornadoes, the cold. I’ve been frostbitten and all that. I don’t care about six months, sitting in no jail.”

There are a lot of embedded links in that snippet and the other linked diaries so I urge you to click through and read but this picture does capture the feeling:
Occupy Nashville Pic 15 from Kevin R

Occupy Boise has also been waiting for eviction but while they waited, sagesse let us know about the resignation in disgrace of one of the state senators pushing for changes in the law to allow their eviction. In the end, Occupy Boise did win a partial victory and is still maintaining a presence.

We got some pictures from Occupy Atlanta from Dan Choi’s visit to deliver a tent:
Occupy Atlanta Pic 9 from Will M.

Here’s a picture of Occupy Flint’s tent:
Occupy Flint Pic 7 from Barbara S

This picture is from Occupy Erie’s Occupy the Corporations February 29 protest:
Occupy Erie Occupy the Corporations F29 Pic 26 from Mark H

Here’s a set of pictures from that action. Occupy Buffalo had their actions on February 29th as well.

Jane Hamsher announced an “Occupy Exchange” program on February 24th to “promote the voices and skills of the Occupy movement.” MacMiller of Occupy Little Rock told us of the exchange program in operation a couple of days later.

Occupy Austin Mic Check’d Education Secretary Arne Duncan the other day. The Washington Post picked up this video from Kit O’Connell:

I’ll end today with this video from Occupy Little Rock:

Occupy Little Rock’s lead tech Shaye explaining the turbine generator, a unique creation of his own invention. In addition he explains the workings of the antenna and the repeater base.

Please continue to provide reports at MyFDL on the activities and actions at the various occupations. Good news or bad, we want to hear from folks with as many first hand accounts as we can get. This really is just a sampling of the reports we get on Occupy activities.

Please DONATE to the Occupy Supply fund if you can. It is donations from people like you that allows Occupy Supply to help the Occupations survive the cold.

If you miss anything Occupy related, please check the Occupy Supply Headquarters page where you can find links to the most recent top Occupy related posts and diaries from the last few days, the links to the slideshow of pictures we’ve received, videos on Occupy Wall Street from around the web and the FDL Occupy Wall Street archives.

This link is to a HowTo: FDL Citizen Journalism in case you want to write a diary for your local efforts (or just wish to write a diary at MyFDL for whatever topic you choose). Keep us informed as you fight the power!

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