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‘Rogue’ US Soldier Kills 16, Wounds 5 in Kandahar

According to BBC News, an as yet unnamed soldier left his base in the early morning hours (22:30 GMT Saturday) walked to two nearby villages, Najeeban and Alkozai, entered at least two houses, and opened fire on the families inside.   Early reports vary, but BBC reports at least sixteen dead and five wounded.  Among the dead, of course, are women and children.

It’s being reported that the soldier had ‘suffered a breakdown’ before the murders, and turned himself in to military authorities following killings.

Also according to BBC’s Quentin Sommerville: “This kind of rogue event is almost unknown in Afghanistan”.  More:

“”Eleven members of my family are dead. They are all dead,” Haji Samad, an elder from Najeeban village, told the AFP news agency.

The Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said in a statement that US officials in Afghanistan would work with their Afghan counterparts to investigate what happened.

“This is a deeply regrettable incident and we extend our thoughts and concerns to the families involved,” Isaf added.

RAWA (Reality of Life in Afghanistan) reports that a March 10 US-led airstrike on Kapisa Province killed at least four people, and wounded two.  They report that all were civilians.

Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai is negotiating with the US on a SOFA in anticipation of an ISAF pullout in the year 2087 /s.  Plans are underway to turn over the prison system to Afghan control.

What will the riots look like this time?  Coupled with the immense hatred of night raids, drone killings, with a few Koran Burnings, photos of American soldiers pissing on dead Afghans, and other monstrous acts…will there be some tipping point to any of this?

O, Kandahar, O Kandahar!  How many times will we clean you up so that good governance can be achieved?

I look forward to all the empty apologies from our military, President O’Bomba and SoS Clinton.

Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) was launched on Oct. 7, 2001.  Do you feel freer?  Do you feel safer?  Whose fucking freedom was the military talking about?  Please let me know…if you know.

Will the families of the dead receive blood money from the US?  How many American dollars is each life worth now? Can the families of those we’ve killed so cavalierly and needlessly ever hear the prayerful apologies we send to them?

O, You Masters of War: The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Entertainment-News-Complex.  This is for you.  Please remember: We will reap what you sow. We must put an end to your wars.

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