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Why Do the South (and Megachurch Land) Embrace the GOP?

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It turns out that the states that vote most strongly Republican are the ones where the middle class is weakest and where the majority of persons don’t benefit from Republican economic and tax policies.

So why do they do it? Why do the majority of these people vote for Republicans? And why do a lot of suburban and exurban megachurch folks outside of those states vote for Republicans?

Here’s a big hint — when conservatives claim to be “values voters”, their values usually include bigotry:

– The well-funded conservative issues group “Minnesota Majority”, currently known for a strange bit of performance art involving a truck plastered with graphics that seemingly imply that being made to pay their share of taxes will cause Minnesota’s rich to frequent soup kitchens, also is involved in lobbying for insurance companies against any sort of meaningful health care reform — and its most notable representative in that effort, Dave Racer, has a career apparently predicated on making political hay out of inflaming people’s racist impulses. Check this out:

Minnesota Majority’s Web site features an issue paper on health care, which backs consumer-driven health care and claims that racial diversity and single-parent households negatively affect health in the United States.

“Black women, for a variety of reasons, are more prone to underweight babies than are Caucasian and Asian women. It is not surprising that Sweden has a lower infant mortality rate, or that Japan has a longer life expectancy than the United States does. They are nearly racially pure; we are not,” says the Web page, written by public speaker and former radio talk show host David Racer.

Remember, the whole point of the Southern Strategy is that rich people and businesses use racism as a means to get whites, especially working-class whites, to vote against their own best interests. Bigotry is used to get voters to back cutting social programs that are seen as mainly helping people who aren’t white, male, Christian, or heterosexual — and the way to cut these programs is by cutting taxes, especially on the rich. This is why bigotry and Republicanism have been intertwined for decades, and will stay that way until the Republican Party collapses of its own foul weight.

Res ipsa loquitor.

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