The Big Grift

You too can be a famous successful blogger just like Lee Stranahan!! Lee.. Stranahan…. S-t-r-a-n-a-h-a-n. …. Stranahan.  Of Breitbart.com. B-r-e-i-t-b-a-r-t-dot-c-o-m. Yeah, those guys. And, yeah, Stranahan!   That guy!

Learn how now!

By now you’re probably asking yourself  “If I get the kind of blog traffic that Lee Stranahan gets, which has a trend line (see below) that looks remarkably similar to Andrew Breitbart’s current EKG, will I be rich and famous too?”


…and the answer to that is, “Yes. If by ‘rich and famous’ you mean known for asking people to give you $40 on-line to become as big as someone whom nobody has ever heard of except when he is mocked on the internets.” And who, besides Jeff Godlstein (sic), wouldn’t want that?

As a special preview, here is Lesson 1 from Big Lee Stranahan’s Big  Institute of Blogging Richness and Famousosity, titled: Fucking Racebaiting: How Does It Work?

Hahaha! Good one! Give him a dollar..

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