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Allow me to indulge a bit of hyperbole but there are probably more words expounded upon the topic of weather to less effect than just about any topic we humans know. Some of the words can be cautionary:

Pay attention when those sirens go off! They sound for a very good reason

Some of the words can be celebratory:

No school today! It’s snowing!

Some of the words can be panic laden:

Take Cover! NOW!

I have lived all over the US so have experienced most every weather aspect available to us. Growing up in Kentucky, we had the hot and humid summers where the temperature and humidity would meet at 80 along about 10 PM during the hot spells. Thankfully in those days, we had a public swimming pool to keep us cooled down. We would get the one or two snow storms each winter dumping 8 to 10 inches on us. This would trigger the No School announcement after which we would all meet at the top of one of the local hills. The town fathers would close the street and we would ride sleds all day, ducking into the homes of those who lived along Wilson Ave to warm up and have a bit of hot chocolate.

Nowadays, we have gotten used to the National Weather Service and the Weather Channel providing us with fairly accurate and up-to-the-minute forecasting (though that might be sliding away due to budget cuts). We follow the hurricane watches and warnings when the hurricanes are still days away from landfall. We get statistics on tornado probability for our local area. We follow the path of the storms from the northwest, across the Great Plains on up through the mid-Atlantic and up to New England.

Of course, there’s not a whole lot we can do about things but we do follow the storm path. And go to the grocery store and buy out two weeks or more worth of bread, milk, and bottled water when there is just the whisper of a storm sometimes. Please note: having two weeks worth of milk and other products needing refrigeration doesn’t do much for you when you lose electricity the first day of a hurricane.

As I mentioned, I have lived all over and experienced the weather in all its glory. Hurricanes in Florida and in New England. Blizzards dumping 2 feet of snow in less than 12 hours. White out and lake effect snow. Freezing rain or sleet creating the black ice on the highway. Tornado outbreaks. Pea soup thick fog. Mud storms where the rain mixes with the dust storm. Airport hell due to summer thunder boomers. Weeks where Monday is wind, Tuesday brings the snow, Wednesday is ice day, Thursday is solid rain and a peek of sun on Friday. Even in the paradise known as Hawai’i where folks can save for years for the Hawaiian vacation and just happen to be there the week when it does nothing but rain.

So pull up a chair and lets talk about our weather experiences.

And because I can:

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Small town Kentucky country boy lived all over the country. Currently in Ruskin, FL