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Teresa Sayward has something to say

“It’s disheartening for me to see our party move away from what it was always about and that is to stay out of people’s lives, let them live their lives, don’t impose their religion on anybody else.”

This is a statement from some nice person as she is who has been misled by the republican con machine for decades. Here is the proof.

You will notice today that mitt romney likes anything – especially firing people. He will say anything and in direct oppostion to things he said before. Why? because he is accustomed to small meetings in quiet rooms where he can lie at will which lies he can more easily defend outside his quiet rooms as heresay. With him, it’s a habit he developed “making deals” to rip up and rip off American jobs for the millions he took from the people and families he ruined. The point being – he said things that people in the quiet rooms wanted to hear. They were lies, but he said them.

Which is exactly the point about the republican con job with regard to Teresa’s statement when she believed that republicans wanted to be out of peoples lives. You must see that republicans want to be out of people’s lives is the lie they tell about the perception people see when and only when that is compared to the democratic value vs “sharing”.

Think. Sharing is a community method. It’s how societies become strong. Education is a sharing institution. Republicans have managed to convince their sheepy followers that this practice is an “in your life” practice by peeling away the meaning and value of public education and just looking at the physical proximity aspect of it. Its as if you can take the Mona Lisa and peel away all the red and what remains is something you don’t want. Genius. Look, you have a car, remove the motor and what have you got? A motorless car – who would want that.

So the republicans method of fooling people is to strip away some of the composition of things and brand the unstripped version as a stripped version. Con Job.

But its actually worse than that. Because the perception that the republicans want to be out of your life is not just “relatively” misconstrued by their stripping, its also a blindness to what they really are when you toss off the relativity and look at their situation by itself for what it really is and always was. Standing alone, the republican apparent ambition to stay out of people’s lives is – in itself – an abandonment. Think about that. That abandonment also requires a separation from those who are not abandonly oriented. It’s really asocial. Add those aspects up (abandonment + separation + an anti-social lean) and what you have is a naked personal ambition of a collection of individuals who are members of a party of like persons who oppose everyone else.

Still with me? – if not, reread that last paragraph – because what this means is that when the american society collective operating as the u.s. government said “we have some sharing issues we need to adjust” the republicans – knowing that the democrat perspective was sharing, did offer their own sheepy followers and the world an explanation of that perceived circumstance with their stripped down and re-classed anti-democratic translation of “well, we republicans prefer that such co-operative measures cant work because you are in others lives” which – on a stand-alone basis- entirely supports their asocial stance which in reality… now get this… is merely a snapshot of where the republicans were standing at the time marking time in their otherwise march to the stand-alone reality of “out of your lives” being in reality… “we want your lives out of our way”. follow that? The “out of your lives” is a translation the republicans put on the stripped version of sharing which was used to paint themselves in contrast only and at that point in time.

That “out of your lives” is the tricked out meaning of a relativity con game the republicans play all the time.

Let me re-iterate.. the stand-alone reality of the republican snapshot is 1 frame from their movie-ment toward “getting your lives out of their way”… to do what? What do asocial people do to those who prefer to share, who are in their way, do? Take that snapshot, look at that frame, add in the recent frames of what… “getting out of the lives of women”? doesnt add up does it. (if you couldn’e see it before you can see it now- that “out of your lives” is an obvious lie. And a lie belies a reality – the one you need to see that affects you now and would do moreso in the future if you fall for the republican con and allow it.) Gadhafi wanted other people not in his party out of his way. Mubarek wanted people out of his way. Bashar al-assad wants people out of his way now.

Republicans* claimed they were out of your life. The reality is they were never in your life.

They don’t share. They want you out of their way. And if they have to get you ruined or killed to do that, they probably will by starting another war or playing a game of chicken with nukes. And the stand-alone truth behind that is, they don’t care about your life because they really don’t care much about their own because their lives are also a lie and- stripped down, without all the BS- their lives without all the put-on, are otherwise worthless. And courage belongs to bare life. it’s not a put on that you can wear. Doesn’t that tell you why they cannot stand against rush limbaugh?

*this does not apply to all republicans – just most of them. there are only a few it does not apply to. That being George Bush senior, John McCain, Colin Powell, Bob Gates. maybe a few others.

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