Both the trade union movement and the standard of living of working people have been getting mugged since well before the Reagan era. The thugs include the usual suspects, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Chamber of Commerce, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.

Reagan, like Carter before him deregulated transportation and S&Ls. They made it easy for major manufacturers to export highly paid union jobs especially in the auto, electronics, steel, and textile sectors. Reagan and Carter helped created the Rust Belt as hundreds of thousands of jobs with union wages and benefits were lost. Bush1 continued the same policies, pushing NAFTA. Clinton signed NAFTA, slashed welfare and other programs and hired 100,000 cops in case things got nasty. For that he earned the everlasting praise of Wall Street and hundreds of millions in “speaking fees”.

Bill Clintons signature on the bill abolishing the Glass Steagall reforms of the last depression are the direct cause of this depression with its double digit unemployment (triple digit in many state) and growing homelessness. It got wide bi-partisan support. with the votes of 155 Democrats and 207 Republicans in the House: in the Senate it passed 90 to 8. Clinton signature on this Republican law deregulating banking and financial affairs freeed voracious predators who wreaked havoc on the economy. We’re living in the Clinton Depression.

Republicans under both Bushes allowed the vampiric super rich to dominate the economy. Bush2 was a major accessory to the crimes of the looting class. Obama, as brother warren   is emerging as a major union buster of public workers and the UAW, formerly the crown jewel of American Labor. While breaking unions Obama has supervised the disbursement of over $7 trillion dollars ($7,000,000,000,000.00) to the looting classes to recoup the losses they suffered wrecking our economy.

On Tuesday, November 6th. 2012 vote for a left party, write in Brad Manning, antiwar hero, or just sit it out. Before and after the elections build unions and the union left and build and support the actions of the occupy movements.

Walk like an Egyptian. Demonstrate like an Egyptian. Vote like an Egyptian.

Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue