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Bibi Prefers Missiles on Tel Aviv to Nukes in Iran

Haaretz published a blistering critique of Bibi’s performance at this year’s AIPAC/DC three-ring Circus show…

Israel must remember U.S. is part of its ‘right to defense’

Netanyahu is puffing up his chest with his own rhetoric. That’s a common syndrome among our friends on the right – to strike without considering the consequences.

…Had Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu been a cub reporter who wanted to impress the new editor with his statement “If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck … it’s a duck … but this duck is a nuclear duck,” this brilliant cliche would have been thrown in the garbage with the reprimand: “too banal.” But when it’s said at an AIPAC convention, in Bibi’s basso-profundo voice, it rouses a standing ovation.

While he was speaking, only the TV viewers could notice that a bald spot was beginning to show through his graying hair. Yes, time marches on. It’s hard to believe that on his way to his third term as prime minister and during Israel’s seventh decade of existence, Bibi mentions the Holocaust as a basis for his government’s policy, to win applause. What do our cynics say? “There’s no business like Shoah business,” especially when the United States is gearing up for presidential elections.

Doesn’t Bibi understand that when he talks about the Holocaust in contemporary terms he encourages the younger generation to flee the country? In Bibi’s equation, which made headlines in Haaretz this week – that he prefers missiles on Tel Aviv to nukes in Iran – it’s not clear whom he’s threatening: Iran or the residents of Tel Aviv… {snip}

Security experts say the government is playing with fire. Anyone who thinks we can solve the Iranian threat by ourselves is mistaken and misleading others. What we need to neutralize the threat entirely – including protecting our home front against a missile barrage – is the action of a great power. Samson’s last words, “Let me die with the Philistines,” is not what Israelis have in mind during these times of war over the price of a Pesek Zman candy bar…

Speaking of that Bipartisan push for War on Iran, check out this Dim-witted response…

‘Naval blockade of Iran should be considered’

…An international naval blockade of Iranian oil exports should be considered before any resort to air strikes against the country’s disputed nuclear program, the chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee said on Friday.

“That’s, I think, one option that needs to be considered” to boost pressure on Iran to curb its nuclear program in line with UN Security Council resolutions, Democratic Senator Carl Levin said in an interview taped for C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program… {snip}

…Levin was responding to a question about possible ways of increasing pressure short of combat, including imposition of a “no-fly zone” over Iran.

Such moves “could be very effective,” he said. “I think (these are) options that whoever is willing to participate should explore, including Israel and including the United States.”… {snip}

Not because it doesn’t want a nuke – I think it does – but because the price that it’s going to have to pay” in terms of isolation would be too high, said Levin, whose committee has an oversight role for the US Defense Department.

Levin said US President Barack Obama should seek congressional authorization before any US resort to military action against Iran. But he noted that presidents from both parties had maintained they were not bound to do so as commander in chief of US armed forces…

Funny thing about that Carl, ain’t it interesting, that it would be a Repugnant to cry ‘foul’ on Executive Branch overeach, and on Syria even…? Obama Admin Cites ‘Int’l Permission,’ Not Congress, As ‘Legal Basis’ For Action In Syria…

It ain’t just Carl, beating those Iranian war drums, check out Difi’s response… “Israel will Attack Iran”

…Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Diane Feinstein, said Israel would attack Iran based on the decisiveness of PM Netanyahu on the subject.

Speaking to CNN she said, “Israel believes it can carry out the attack, but the question remains, what will happen afterwards. She added that it was important to give diplomacy, sanctions and negotiations a chance to influence Tehran.

And, here we are questioning the Rationality of the ‘Mad Mullahs‘ in Tehran…?

Even, Israeli-Firster, former IDF jailor, Jeffery Goldberg, raised some serious doubts…

…Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited President Obama in the White House. Many words were exchanged, but they all might have been superfluous.

Netanyahu delivered his overriding message almost wordlessly, in the form of a gift to the president… {snip}

…The prime minister of Israel is many things; subtle is not one of them. The message of Purim is: When the Jews see a murderous conspiracy forming against them, they will act to disrupt it.

A further refinement of the message is: When the Jews see a plot forming against them in Persia, they will act to disrupt it, even if Obama wishes that they would wait for permission.

From what I understand about the meeting between the two leaders, the prime minister stressed Israel’s sovereign right to act against plots forming against it. The president doesn’t disagree with this, of course — he has repeatedly said Israel has the right to act on its own against the Iranian nuclear program.

But he had another message for Netanyahu. As Obama put it to me in an interview last week, the message is, “I have Israel’s back.”

In his news conference Tuesday, Obama clarified that he wasn’t signaling to Israel his permission to attack Iran, but instead a more general feeling of solidarity. His words mean something. They don’t, however, mean enough to stop Netanyahu…

Before the summit between the two leaders, I thought Netanyahu would probably agree to delay an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear program in order to let the sanctions imposed by Obama — in concert with much of the world — work to convince Tehran that the nuclear path is a foolish one.

But watching Netanyahu’s actions this week
, and listening to his rhetoric, particularly before the annual meeting of the lobbying group AIPAC, I’m more convinced that his timetable for action against Iran doesn’t align at all with Obama’s…

Maybe, the Oily Bomber did delay Bibi til after the November, ’12 elections, however, what about shortly afterwards…?

Will Netanyahu Defy Obama on Iran?

Here’s a recent Repugnant letter personally addressed to Obummer… (PDF! 9pgs)

Ongoing nuclear advances and developments in Iran pose a growing serious threat to the existence of the state of Israel, our most critical ally.

We call upon you to unequivocally support Israel in this time of great upheaval and uncertainty. Since first recognizing Israel as a state in 1948, America has resolutely stood by the Israeli people. Despite this rich and storied friendship, recent events have given detractors an apparent reason to call that relationship into question. Your perceived wavering and equivocal support, coupled with anti-Israel developments in Iran and countries that have experienced Islamist and Salafist upheavals in government related to “arab spring” have left many in Israel feeling isolated and abandoned…

My favorite anti-war activist, David Swanson, really laid it out in no uncertain terms… Evidence of War Lies Is Public Pre-War This Time…

I’m in the streets fighting this sh*t, will you join me…?

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